Last chance for Medicare, Medicaid reform? Nope

By Bob L.

The best way to solve the problem IS, for every dollar cut from Medicare and Medicaid, the Sick and Seniors, two dollars are cut from Government medical, they cut One dollar from Social Security, they cut two from Government pay, for every Dollar they add for Pork Programs they cut two dollars from their perks.

There are more things that can be cut then what they want to cut, lets start with free money give aways, make them repay with interest.

Stop giving money to the rich so they can go to College and get help from welfare or any public assistance in any way.

In the end, make Every yes EVERY Government employee from the top to the bottom take a cut in pay and benefits, by  5% (percent) or more, and freeze it for TEN Years, and then only allow 2% (percent) a year after that, and make all yes ALL Government Employee take Obamacare, if the private Sector has to take Obamacare, then all public Employee should also.



It would be easy to conclude that the supercommittee’s failure means that the  big, expensive health care entitlement programs — Medicare and Medicaid — are untouchable.

Last chance for Medicare

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