Another Government Agency that Cares less about People

By Bob L.

Notice who is getting cut, do you see any one from utilities like, Water, Power, Sewer, Roads, and the BIG ones wages at the top, and wasting money on such things as Art, Statues, Special lighting (like the people voted down in the Tacoma Dome some time back), Fireworks, Road Side Attractions, New Furniture, Remodeling Offices, New Cars and Trucks (except police cares) and take care of the others like every one else does, don’t drive the wheels off them then fix them, you can go on and on with the waste of money, there is where cuts should be started

■52 rank-and file police jobs (Local 6)
■47 firefighter positions (IAFF Local 31)
■16.5 clerical, customer service, supervisors and court clerk jobs (IBEW Local 483)
■7 professional and technical jobs (PTE 17)
■6 information technology jobs (AFSCME Local 120)
■5 positions (Teamsters Local 117)
■4 police management positions
■1 fire management position


Tacoma:  166 city workers being notified of layoffs today

Post By Lewis Kamb The News Tribune
Dec. 5, 2011

City of Tacoma department heads will be notifying

166 city workers today that  their jobs are officially at risk due to $23 million of  budget cuts  expected by year’s end.

“What’s happening is that those employees whose positions are being  identified as potential layoffs are getting notified in one on one meetings with  either their supervisor or their department director,” city spokesman Rob McNair-Huff told me this morning. “…Those meeting are  happening throughout the day today.”

The latest layoff estimates include 47 fire department employees and 48 police employees, McNair-Huff said.

If the overall number of layoffs sound higher today than  recent  estimates, it is.  The last  estimate floated by the city had 165 employees faced losing their jobs (The  number of police positions is down from 52 to 48, however).

The previous estimate actually was made before the city announced it would  take retirement buy-outs, and the city council tentatively agreed to consider at  least $1.3 million in “revenue  enhancements.” Both measures were expected to help reduce the number of  overall layoffs.

So what gives?

“Today’s numbers are the best estimates we have up to the minute,” McNair-Huff said. “These numbers are not as concrete as we’d like, but there are  a lot of mitigating factors still going on, which makes it difficult to say with  certainty.”

And the numbers still could change, McNair-Huff added –  right up to  Tuesday’s unveiling of interim City Manager Rey Arellano‘s  detailed budget plan.

Arellano and his department heads are expected to reveal the full details of  the proposed budget cuts to the council tomorrow during its noon study session.  Later, at the council’s regular meeting at 5 p.m., citizens will have a chance  to weigh in on the budget proposal.

Over the weekend, yellow leaflets warning of “major cuts to public safety,” including four potential fire station closures, were distributed to homes across  Tacoma.

“Your neighborhood fire station will potentially be CLOSED under the budget  proposed by the City Manager of the City of Tacoma,” the fliers said.

The leaflets also identify five fire stations as being considered for  for  the four potential closures. They name Stations 4 (Hilltop), 6  (Downtown) 11  (McKinley) 13 (Proctor) and 15 (Southeast).

The fliers, which urge citizens to attend Tuesday’s council meeting, go on to  say Arellano’s plan “will result in a historic decrease in fire and police  protection provided to the Citizens of Tacoma.”

Asked if the information on the fliers was accurate, McNair-Huff directed  questions to Fire Chief Ron Stephens.

“The chief will talk about the full (fire department budget) proposal at noon  tomorrow, and I don’t want to preempt that,” he added.  “I will say I  haven’t heard about four stations closing.”

I’ve left a message for fire department spokesman Joe Meineke and will update this post with his response.

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