Ignorance of Education In Todays Society

Child labor rules

By Bob L.

This is an old story today but it has been done in the past and still shows just how Ignorant today as it was fifteen to thirty years ago when they stopped kids from earning money for school during the summer to help their parents.

It is still happening today, Government is putting a hardship on the parents to have to take money away from their bills to give their kids money to keep them in school, but the problem is that people today are so Overly Educated that they are dumb, just look at our Government today, compared to the way it was after the Depression, they learned a lesson at that time and you would think that these Idiots today would see that they are headed in the same direction.

The Government today does not want the kids of today to have good work habits, they want them to think that you go to college and get out and right in to a good paying job, that is if you will be able to find one, and any thing you buy come in stores and was not made or grown on a farm by people.

The work cycle is people work and produce a product for a wage, people buy these products and spend money and pay taxes, money and taxes support the Country, and the sad part is that Government does not know how to spend it wisely, they are just like a little kid with a dollar in his pocket, and is burning a hole and can’t wait to spend it.

It first started out as goody two shoes took away places that our kids could go and stay out of trouble, then you have the Government agencies that did not think that it was right for any one under Sixteen to have a summer job with out a work permit, and by doing this that stops kids from earning money for school, and this stopped parents from going out there to earn extra money because they had to pay for a sitter, in turn it hurt the farmers because they had no one to help harvest their crops.

The Government started destroying jobs in 1958, if you check back in that era of time, then in 1965, 68 they started heavier regulations on businesses, and every change that they make has a RIPPLE EFFECT on the Economy, but today they don’t have any idea of what they are doing, other than Destroying this Country, see the problem is that they have so much money themselves, they don’t know how to ration money, because they can buy any thing they want, and that is what is happening today, spending money the Government does not have.

Here we go again, the Government teaching our kids to be lazy and not wanting to work and live on some one elses money, or better known as welfare.


Child labor rules rile rural lawmakers

By Rachel Leven

Rural-state lawmakers and agriculture groups are up in arms about new Labor Department regulations that would limit the work that young people can do on farms.

Farming groups are worried the rules would affect children’s ability to earn money, work for their families and learn “life lessons” while training to work in agriculture.

Read   Child labor rules rile rural lawmakers

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