Who is Really Qualified to Teach our Kids?

Lack of dedicated teachers today

By Bob L.

Who is qualified to teach our kids today, is it the Federal Government is it the Fifty States, is it the Counties, is the cities, or maybe the Union, really it is the teacher and no one else, so why do all these others think that it is them, they are nothing but a distraction from the real problem Education these kids are getting, and just think they draw down a good wage for what, they are not in the class room teaching so what good are they, so why are the tax payers paying their wages to sit in a big fancy office.

Look at the Education today from what it was in the past, what were they taught back when some never got past the Eighth grade and had a better education compared to the Education of today, why is that, is it because there are to many people who have their nose stuck in there that it is taking away from what can be taught. And then you have to look at what they are teaching the kids today, they are teaching them to be greedy, and how to break the law, so what are they teaching them in school that we don’t know about like the teacher that used slavery to teach math and what ever else.

Take a good look at the education today, or should I say look at the state of this country, is this what our education system has done, made us look dumb to the rest of the world, because we don’t know how balance a check books because the lack of education, or is it that we are so far behind in education because there is non, or is it that there is so many people spending that money that they don’t know how much is in there, or is that they don’t care because it is not theirs, this still shows the lack of education.

Look at what is going on today, Obama it protecting teachers so they can keep their jobs whether they teach or not, there are teachers getting paid to sit and play card all day and not see one child except their own, this is Obama’s jobs bill, protecting public Employees jobs, not private, does this not tie up money that could be paying for better class of teachers that want to teach.

Why are we paying these big pay packages to Superintendence to run these schools along with City, County, State, Federal, and unions, you break it down and every one of them are breaking down our Education System with the money going to them to tell a school how many tests they will give a month, WHERE IS THE EDUCATION? Testing is not and Education, the same goes for home work, four Hours of home work every day is not teaching, it is discouraging them and driving away from school.

I look at it this way, the teachers today are not qualified to teach, they are doing nothing but brain washing them by not teaching the basics Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, and not sending them to a Tech School to teach them how to get a job at what they want to do in life and teach them a good work habit.

Look at the kids today, they are lazy because they don’t have to work for it, because it is given to them, so they think work is the same way, walk in sit down get paid a big wage and then go home and do nothing for it, that is what is being taught today, and who is the biggest pusher of that, Governments agencies  in this country who have taken job away these kids can do that teaches a good work habit.

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