Education or Brainwashing our Children

By Bob L.

Teaching against climate change deniers

A follow-up to a comment by a reader from an article I posted By Brian Sussman on 01-23, (you can read the comment on Recent Comments) this is true but you forget that these people who are wanting this to happen are doing nothing but profiting off the people by raising prices to the world, now how much can anyone out of work pay before they are to file for bankruptcy, commit suicide, or make this Country more dangerous than it is now wanting money, with Shoplifting, Home Breakins, already doing it, Bank Robberies, Selling Drugs, strong-arm robberies and shootings where you are not safe to go out of your house, gee this is already happening.

And you have to look at most of these people are not Scientists, they are being pushed by people who have not any knowledge of what they are doing, they might have studied it in school, or they might teach it, but that is not their profession, do they have Fifteen to Twenty years or more of steady studying of the cause, I myself don’t think so because they are all Politicians, they are not Scientists, just look at what they want to do, and if anyone with Brains knows, THAT FOR EVERY ACTION, THERE IS A REACTION, and this is the problem over time, and this has caused a lot of our problems over the years, and look at where we are today, so far in debt that our kids and their kids might not get out of it, because they keep doing the same thing, spend and spend with no sign of stopping.

Now let’s look at some of these people pushing Global Warming, ACTOR, YOUNG KID ACTORS, and kids are infatuated with Actors, ( just like they get kids to want things, brainwashing) POLITICIANS, PEOPLE WHO HAVE SOMETHING TO GAIN BY IT, then you have Scientists that have proven all Inconsistencies and cover up’s, so who do you believe, Scientists, or people pushed by Politicians for a gain.

Let’s go a little farther, did man produce under Ocean Volcanos, yes and no, man has been doing underground Nuclear testing, could this be a problem for Under Water Volcanos, or how about above Ground, they did that for a few years, could this be a start of it, see there is a lot of action taken, but no one has any idea of what was caused, they never thought about it until now, has any one mentioned that, NO, how about all the Aircraft flying around the world every day at one time, has that been mentioned that as a possibility, yes by ONE Country that I have heard, there could be more but has never been mentioned out load.

When has any Government Agency been truthful to the people about what is going on, and some of the things that they did and no one knew about it until someone got the paper work, look how many people got sick and no one knew why, and the Government did nothing about it until they got cornered and could not hide it anymore, so the first place I would start is Our Government Agencies.

Let’s look at the weather, just because a computer said it was going to rain, would you believe it as true fact, how about let’s say a Tornado, if a computer said that you were going to have one at One O’clock PM Saturday would you believe it, I sure would not for the same reason that I would not believe what a Politician says, anyone who did would get a big surprise, because it hit at Ten AM Thursday three days before, so that is just how sure they are because they can’t see the reaction that they have caused, this is just like the housing bubble, unload all this money as an Action, and not even thinking about what the Reaction could be, to me this is Ignorance and poor Education, and we have a lot of this in our Government Agencies.

And with the Federal Government Controlling the schools they have to do what they say if they want any money, so here we get the schools brain washing our kids, when our schools should be teaching Reading, Writing, And Arithmetic along with a trade and job skills and nothing else if they want to get our kids Educated and not falling behind the rest of the world.

We need to get Education out of White House Control and give it back to the LOCAL SCHOOL DISTRICTS because to many people have their fingers in the cash box and are spending the money elsewhere and not putting it into PUBLIC Schools where it belongs.

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