Health Safety and Government Rule

By Bob L.

Good morning every one and how is every one today.

Did you ever have one of though days that you knew something was wrong and could not do anything about it because everyone was so wrapped up in looking at themselves in the mirror that they could not see what was going on in their Country, Counties or their cities, in how the Government tells you that they are there to protect you, boy what a lie, that is all they do is lie so they can get Elected, they will tell you any thing because so many people don’t care or listen and will let them get away with it.

A good example is they tell you that people are living longer and they can’t continue paying out all this money, but on the other hand they don’t support Youthinasia, WHY, is this because they are protecting Pharmaceutical and Insurance Companies (the rich), will the Insurance pay off if you go that route.

  Now let’s go green the Government talks about radiation from power lines, now they want to put power line on top of your house, what study was done to see if this was healthy, is this going to be the same thing as everything else where you install these on your house and spend the money, and then they come out and say, a new study has come to light about how radiation is harmful after you put out all this money to line the pockets of everyone involved, good example the bankruptcy of Solyndra.

Now let’s look at light bulbs, they want you to use fluorescent bulbs to go green, but have they mentioned that they are not safe when broken, they have mercury in them that is deadly to humans, and it does not take much to kill you.

Here is a video that might explain things that are not always published: See it here

How about Drugs, is the Government protecting you from bad Drugs, NO, they are actually supporting them with Taxpayer money, even though they are making big profits, same with oil companies, but no matter where you go they all push drugs, but has any one done a study on how drugs affect a new-born after the mother has been on them since conception, maybe this is why there are more sick kids then there used to be, if you are not sure check out the side effects.

How about the news media, are they truthful when they report the news, or do they do what the Government tells then to do by covering up for them to keep their license to operate and report what the Government wants them to print

Here are some thoughts that might open your eyes, but I dought it because people today are so wrapped up in them selves, just look at Television, ad after ad on how to change your hair, your Beard so woman will look you, or women trying to find a more sexy thing so men will look at them, they don’t care if the are married, this what you call being Vain, always trying to impress each other, while all this is going on America is being sold right out from under you by the Rich, Environmentalists, and many Special interest Groups, and what is going on here, DON’T BREAK MY MIRROR.

Why You Are Unemployed?

PART 2    The Statistics brought up, who can afford to save for Retirement like the Government wants, this is why you need Social Security and Medicare, and it is going to get worse as time goes on because no one will be making enough money to survive on nothing, you think today is bad wait a couple of years you will be in another Depression.



The Money That Is Sold Abroad Is You!

The Truth About Voting!

Why is it that Canadians can see what is going on in this Country an not the American People, is this because the American people don’t care, or is it that they have a much better news organisation up there.

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