Environmentalist Get Your Head Out OF Your $#%&@*

Comment By Bob L.

Environmentalists run around yelling about Global Warming, Pollution, Asbestos, Lead Paint, Cancer of all kinds, and Animal waste, did any one ever think about Legal Drugs, NO, because the Government protects them from bad Drugs, well get your head out of your Adam Henry before you suffocate your self or choke your self when that hole closes.

Every year people take prescription Drugs thinking that the Government and the food and drug is protecting them from dangerous Drugs, this also goes for Cosmetics, lets put it this way, any thing you put in or on your Body ( putting any thing on your Body also makes its way in to cause health problems ) says what will happen to you in your life time, no matter how long or short you live.

How much money is spent every year on Health for Cancer the big one, Legal Drugs, Doctor visits to prescribe these so-called safe drugs, for what, so they can get people to come back for more, just think how many Drugs cause a use for more drugs that produces a side effect to give you another Pill, this has been proven by Doctors who have saved lives by taking people off of these Drugs.

Just how safe is our Government protectors in protecting the American People???    How many Adults and Kids have died from Tainted foods because the Government is not doing their Jobs by using the story that they don’t have enough money, well there are a lot of people out there doing a lot with less money and getting it done.

Look at all the parties our Government has every year that waste taxpayer money for Champagne, Caviar, Shrimp, Clowns, Magicians, you name it they higher it, not caring one little bit about America and the Economy, you want to cut Entitlements, start with Government waste at the top on down.

Lets start with free medical, make them buy Obamacare if it is so great, take away all their free travel, make them pay for it themselves, not the taxpayer, freeze All YES ALL Government WAGES until the debt is paid back and to the good. They all hurt the American People not themselves, then gloat about it.

A good example is the Tomato Industry when the Government said it was them that caused the salsa scare, all because they did not want to ruffle any Foreign Feathers over the real cause, and this same thing goes for Drugs you take today.

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