Re-store Bus Service OR I 5 Expansion Tax Proposal

Comment By Bob L.

Governments talk about expanding Commuter service to get more cars off the Highways to curb Pollution, so what do they do, they propose to Charge a Tax to pay for Transit buses and Lite Rail, but what they do is under some ruse to cover up to where it is really going.

If you do a little digging you can find out where most of that money is going, but I see no where is there any mention of making Thurston County paying for these cars coming into Pierce County to pay for increased pollution from all this added Traffic, it says to open up to allow more traffic to flow in to Pierce and King Counties easier, while these have to pay E check for this added pollution according to EPA.


Still waiting for answer on Pierce Transit, 10,000 ballots to be counted

Kim Bradford; Staff writer
Published: Nov. 12, 2012

A Pierce Transit proposal to raise the sales tax to pay for bus service was losing by 716 votes Monday.

That’s a bit more than the 695 votes that separated the votes for and against Proposition 1 after Sunday’s release of election returns.

The measure would raise the sales tax by three-tenths of 1 percentage point to help the agency recover from the financial wallop it says it took from the recession. Pierce Transit officials say that without the additional revenue, they could no longer provide weekend service or buses after 7 p.m.

About 10,000 ballots remain to be counted in Pierce County.

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