People get Over Your Selves

Comment By Bob L.

People get Over Your Selves, there are jobs out there that are Union and getting the same shitty job, hours, and pay, how about people who have been working and living on Minimum wage with no raise for years with no help other than seeing their taxes go up every time Government raises taxes, and bond issues are passed, they get no help to pay them, but yet every one else gets pay increases and some even get cost of living too, and these people complain they need more money because OF the cost of living, No IT is because they are like the Government, they are spending more than they have coming in (living beyond their means, buying more than they can afford, living on Million Dollar dreams) so they can brag about what they have to some one else.

You don’t go to the store you go to Corporate, bring down their wages, but no they would rather see it go to their wages, same goes for some Unions, not go the person who makes them the money.

Here is where the problem starts, this blog shows the truth: basically workers today want what Government gets, and not have to work for it.

Bitter Workers, Crappy Wages – Always!


Black Friday protests demand better pay for Walmart workers

Friday, November 23, 2012

Many Walmart workers across the country kicked off Black Friday by walking off the job — including workers from three stores in the Puget Sound area.

The employees say they want better pay and more full-time shifts — and they weren’t the only ones on the picket line.

“I think it’s time that people say enough is enough,” said one participant from the group Our Walmart.

“We go all over the country supporting workers and standing up for workers’ rights, and that’s why I am out here today,” says protester Mark Drummond.

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