Politicians Talk Big and People Complain

Comment By Bob L.

piggy-bankPoliticians Talk Big and People complain that the GOP doesn’t care, but when the Democrats have control they do nothing wrong, now do you think that the Democrats could any better, well not unless they can put a lot of pork in the bills to help their state or their Lobbyist, well that’s what they put in the sandy recovery bill and the Republicans said that they were not going to pass it with all that pork in it, and if you noticed they did pass it after most of the pork was taken out.

Now get your head out of your #$% and start getting this spending under control and put PORK back with a PIG, not with a spending bill, and then maybe this country might get back to saving money, creating jobs and putting it where it belongs, IN THE BANK until it is  needed and not spending at will to get reelected. If they are worried about getting reelected then they are not doing the job for what they were elected for.

There are a lot of entitlements that they don’t want to do away with, because it would mean that they would not get reelected if they tampered with them, so they go after the ones that will hurt more people and kill them or put them out on the street, because they would not be able to afford to have a place to live.

Now that they have taken out some of the pork, the bill Passed, so blame the Democrats for loading it down with PORK and I don’t mean PIGS.


House approves funding for Sandy insurance claims

By Chris Moody, Yahoo! News The Ticket

Still under pressure to provide federal aid to victims of Superstorm Sandy, the House on Friday voted to increase the borrowing limit for the National Flood Insurance Program, which will pay out 140,000 insurance claims for property damage.

The federal program offers subsidized insurance plans to homeowners who live near the nation’s coasts, and it was on track to run out of money by next week if Congress did not act. The payouts in the bill will cost the federal government $9.7 billion.

Local leaders from areas hit hardest by the storm were outraged this week that the congressional vote on the extended funding did not come sooner.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday lashed out at Congress for failing to act, placing particular blame on House Speaker John Boehner.

“There’s only one group to blame for the continued suffering of these innocent victims, the House majority and their speaker, John Boehner,” Christie said.

Now the bill has passed the House, the Senate intends to pass the measure on to President Barack Obama using an expedited process that requires no vote.

The funding increase to the insurance program is just the first step in a series of votes related to Sandy. The House plans to vote again later this month on a $51 billion package in relief aid to state governments still rebuilding after the storm.

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