Guns, Lighters, Matches, and People Control, What Next?????

Comment By Bob L.

Guns, Lighters, Matches, and People Control, What Next?. How about lighter fluid, gasoline, or is about any thing that can KILL, the worry about this type of violence is coming right from the people Government wants to protect, well it is not the average American, it is for people to have an open door to come in to this Country and not worry about having People stand up to them, and this could be why they don’t want to close our Borders and make it harder for them to come in.

This administration is sure doing a lot to protect Criminals, and Terrorist with all these means to have all these things at their disposal,  and not the American Citizen to protect themselves from harm by them, and now you have the News Media helping them to go after the ones who have the means to stop them by posting their names and addresses, so if any harm comes to these people like setting their home on fire, ambushing them, or kidnaping their kids, I would hold them responsible for any action against them.

Truth or Not, it can be the next thing, well they have Semiautomatic th 1Lighters, Quick Strike Matches, and Flammable Liquids, and as the story says, Explosives.

When did we STOP Enforcing the laws we all ready HAVE.

How about Enforcing the U.S. Constitution. By The People For The People, and start Enforcing the laws we have Now and stop adding new.


Ala. teen accused of plotting to bomb classmates

Associated Press


SEALE, Ala. (AP) — An eastern Alabama high school student faces an attempted assault charge after authorities say he planned to use homemade explosives in a terrorist attack on fellow students at his school.

Authorities say 17-year-old Derek Shrout, a student at Russell County High School in Seale, will appear at a Monday afternoon court hearing.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor tells WTVM-TV that a journal found by a teacher and turned over to authorities outlined the plans and named six students and one teacher.

Taylor tells the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer that a search of Shrout’s home found several small tobacco cans and two large cans, all with holes drilled in them and containing pellets. Taylor said the devices were just “a step or two away from being ready to explode.”

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