Tax Your Self InTo Depression For Greed

Comment By Bob L.

depressionI sat in on a meeting at an apartment complex where I live, they make a comment about making a Profit when asked about why rents keep going up on people who don’t get pay raises every year, his comment was we have to make a profit for their supporters, but yet they advertise that they are a Nonprofit Company, and when asked about how they determine what rents will be, their comment was they are based on median pay of the area, than this is not fair for people who don’t have the advantage to get these big pay checks, so with pay that keep going up puts more people with out a place to live, it comes to the point a Roof money no food, Food money or Death, no Question, Death comes with both, Roof an address, Food NO Address No Money still death, because the Government requires an active address to get money.

If you are smart enough, you can see that all these tax increases go to higher Rents, Home and Business cost, I see it as not for health safety and maintenance they keep saying, all I see as GREED for pay raises, look around you, do you see these improvements that they talk about, I don’t, I still see Schools asking for more money for maintenance, same goes for Cities, Counties, and State, but they never get done, and when asked, we had to spend the money else where, same story every time, but you always hear about Pay Raises about that same time they go for tax increases, how much maintenance have you seen, I don’t mean planting Trees and Flowers in left turn lanes, building Traffic Circles, that is not maintenance, that is waste.

I would say that these taxes that they ask for go to Pay Raises for Public Employees while people on minimum wage or on a set income pay the price for the GREEDY to making big money, it is these people who are putting people on the street and living in  their cars, on benches, and alleys, and the Government YUPPIES of today are the blame for all these taxes and not knowing when to say NO, this is what all this College Education has done to society today, education is doing nothing but teach GREED, not logic about what can happen with the wrong program they plan to do.

People can make a difference, if they would   stop wanting the moon and tell these Politicians to  use the money for the people, not themselves, people and business could stop this runaway taxes if they really cared about this Country and not their pocket-book, then profit would follow, but they want it now.

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