Stupidity Comes From Education, Or Is The Other Way Around

Comment By Bob L.

Has This country gotten so greedy that they will sell their own people734374_335216063249386_542065649_n down the river to make another Million, Now just where do they think they are going to get people to buy any thing if no ones got a job to buy their products, Stock Market Crash, and who will you blame, Government, Corporations, Rich, and the People in that order, because of GREED.

Eventually there won’t even be a Government job to be had if this Country keeps going on this path, not even an election for politicians to make laws, it will be run by Corporations and computers, well even the rich will no longer have a job to make money off the poor, because the poor will be Dead, No Job, No Money, No Food, well you know the rest, OH that is right, you won’t know, because you will be dead.

Web-ethics28rb1_1378984cl-3And just think you will never know if your children ever made it, oh there again, OH I for got, your children will die with you, sad but true, well I hope all of you greedy people get what you want, computers to do your work, because you are all trying to catch up with the rest of the greedy people, and you don’t care what you are doing to your Children and theirs future.

And just think the Government wonder why people are going berserk with guns and any thing they can to get money to feed their families, Oh my GOD is that it, yes people are coming unwound, mentally and Physically, or what you call NUTS.


Jobs With a Terrible Outlook

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  • Vanishing Jobs
  • Vanishing Jobs
  • Vanishing Jobs
  • Vanishing Jobs
  • Vanishing Jobs
  • Vanishing Jobs
  • Vanishing Jobs
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