Cut Two Transit Systems, One is All You Need, One OR the Other, Not Both

Comment By Bob L.

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Look at the colors of Two different Transit
Companies, looks like one Company to me.

I don’t know about any one else in Washington State, but Here in Pierce County we are paying for Pierce Transit, and Sound Transit, I feel ONE Transit is all you need, Taxes and subsidies of all this is eventually going to have an adverse effect on the State when they really need the help. And now they want a Transit tax on top of what is being paid now in taxes for them to operate, I say enough is enough, but you know these YUPPIES will want more.

At the rate these Government Agencies are going they will have Three Forth 3/4 of the people living in a cardboard box, and when this happens I hope the people who created the problem are happy that they put Seniors, disabled, and children out in the cold to die.

When is it going to stop, or is it going to go on untill only Public Employees, and big companies have a roof over their heads and no one else, the problem is that this Country has gotten so greedy that they don’t care how they hurt others, just as long as they keep getting bigger and bigger pay packages and higher taxes, while the rest of the people who don’t get that type of pay, they end up paying for the extravagant life styles of GREEDY YUPPIES.

Even unions don’t get a decent wage for all union workers, a good example, my wife worked for a grocery store, paid union dues and only got Twenty Hours a week, the only benefits she got was a job, so much for a union job, not all unions work for you, they only work for them selves and Companies.


Pierce Transit request for tax district may be doomed

Published March 6, 2013

Pierce Transit’s request to be allowed to draw a special district where it could restore some bus service if voters agree to pay a higher sales tax has run into a wall in the state Senate.

Senate Transportation Committee Co-chairman Curtis King is balking at the proposal to let the agency draw a special district where it could stave off some cuts to bus service if voters agree to pay a higher sales tax.

The Yakima Republican said he told the bill’s supporters: “As far as the Senate is concerned, that bill is dead.”

Prospects are not looking good either for measures that would let King County’s Metro Transit, Snohomish County’s Community Transit and cities across the state raise new transportation taxes. King says his problem with the Pierce Transit measure is really a more general problem with the local-option transportation taxes: They could leave voters too fatigued to approve a big statewide transportation-tax package.

Not that King is pushing for such a statewide tax increase right now. “I just don’t think the people of the state are ready to give us more of their money,” he said. Like other Republicans, he wants changes to how transportation money is spent before taxes are raised. But he does agree the state’s transportation grid has major funding needs and worries voters will be less likely to support new taxes to pay for those statewide if they have just seen local taxes go up.

As co-chairman, King can essentially veto any legislation from passing through his committee.

But the Pierce Transit measure could always be revived as part of last-minute negotiations over a transportation tax package — if lawmakers were to go ahead with one.

Tacoma Democrats Sen. Jeannie Darneille and Jake Fey were the chief backers of the Pierce Transit measure. Darneille said Tacoma residents who twice voted for an extra three-tenths of a cent in Pierce Transit sales tax, only to see the tax twice go down to defeat in overall voting, should be allowed to restore some of their service.

Darneille said worries about cherry-picking voters helped doom the bill. But she said bringing it forward helped lawmakers outside Pierce County recognize the “catastrophic” cuts the transit agency has faced.

“It was an option worth floating,” she said.

Pierce Transit is slated to cut service by another 28 percent this fall starting in September.

Jordan Schrader: 360-786-1826

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