Where is Education Today From Past Education

Comment: By Bob L.
03-10-2013            I can see discrimination or profiling coming

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You have to read the whole article to see what I am saying, get mad at the end if you don’t agree what I am saying.

I can agree but I can also disagree with what Government is trying to do, what if you have a good Teacher in a school with good grade point averages, and the Principal does not like that Teacher because they do not do what the Principal wants, or they might want one of their good bodies there, then what do you have, than you have what is going on now, poor standard of Education, and then you have more strikes which is not good for the students THAT THESE TEACHERS took the oath to teach, not strike, but what they are teaching these kids, that it is alright to break the law to get what you want, is this what you want in Teachers.

From what I have seen in the last Twenty years is that some Teachers are more worried about them selves then they are for the Students that they are there to teach, just look at the signs that they were carrying, it did not say NO STUDENT LEFT BEHIND, it said NO TEACHER LEFT BEHIND, now how much education was done at that time while they were still getting paid, if they go on strike no pay or back pay from going on strike, give them ZERO income for no education, like the old saying NO TICKY NO WASHY period, you don’t work you don’t get paid.

Every time Public Servants go on strike or get a pay raise put another child and family out on the street with no plact to call home except maybe a shelter, or how about a car, maybe a box in an ally or under pass, but they don’t care as long as they get their pay raises at the same time taxes go up to pay for all this, other words GREED.

Teachers go on strike in violation of the law, they block the side walks, they are a  traffic distraction by having so many on the picket line, and the courts do nothing about it, but yet when the private sector goes on strike they are told that they can not have more than three striker at one location, but not the teachers, the courts do nothing but threaten them, is this what education is all about.

How come schools don’t start teaching a trade when these kids are in high school, then maybe you would not have such a drop out rate, and this would let them have a good idea what they want to do, go to a trade school, a Junior college, or a full term College, but the way Education is to-day, there is too much testing and very little Teaching, in 1960’s teachers started with more home work and less in school teaching.

Let these Teachers teach what they went to school for, and I don’t think the good teachers went to College to be GREEDY and hurt the kids more then they now have.

Back then they help the good students and didn’t worry about the ones that had a hard time under standing math and english, that was my problem, but it is not about me it is about our children today, we can not go back, but we can go forward and make sure that our Children don’t get put in that position and have a better education.

Look where some of our earler Million airs came from with only an Eight grade education and were smarter then College graduates to day, and don’t say not to knock college education, look at what is happening today, Government Agencies are a good example of a college education, they can only see a blank check and can not see what that blank check has done to this Country, it has more people unemployed, home less, and and going Bankrupt, so now you say don’t knock College Education that only produces greed.

We do have some good Teachers that want to teach, and we have some who just want more money and not teach,  but their hands are tied by the powers above them who won’t let them teach what should be taught, they want things that most students don’t need or want, students need a skill, how about starting law, electronics, automotive, and medical in high school if that is what they want, but if you don’t give them a chance to find out what they want they will never know if that is what they want.

The problem today with education is that it is run by the Government who in turn won’t let the teachers concentrate on Reading Writing and Arithmetic which is used in a lot of jobs, but not all jobs need heavy reading writing and arithmetic, but still is need, get the politicians out of it and let the TEACHERS teach, that is what they went to school for, just like every one else with a trade, all you need is the basics and a skill to know what they want to do.


Peacemaker in Tacoma teachers strike deal could be doomed

Melissa Santos; Staff writer
Published: March 9, 2013

Barely 18 months after teachers in Tacoma went on strike over their district’s proposal to give principals more authority over teacher placement, the Legislature is poised to derail the plan that helped make peace between the union and school system.

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