Is It Pigs or Greed in the World Today, Hard to Tell

Comment By Bob L.

Let these public cry babies find out what it is like to not have a job and find out that private employment does not have job security, and they should not have any more job security than any one else.

Private sector does not have automatic pay raises, they don’t have good medical, and they don’t have JOB SECURITY.

(Anxiety is rising among civilian workers at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, who stand to lose up to a fifth of their pay)

It is not just Public Servants it is all Elected Government Agencies that don’t know the meaning of money and its worth who keep spending and handing out pay and medical to them selves and Public Servants like water.

Is It called Pigs or Greed that this Country now runs on, every time you turn around some Public Servant is complaining about losing one days pay or they don’t make enough, but they never think about the people who don’t even have a job and living on four times less than them, AND where their PAY CHECKS come from, it makes me sick to hear people talking like this, you would think that they would be trying to help people get back to work, because if this keeps up even public servants will be losing their jobs, for lack of tax money to pay their wages, then what will they do sue the taxpayer for not keeping them in a better life style.

I am going to use the term good old boys term so don’t get upset, but what I would like to know is, can I use the term WOMEN or WOMAN because if the ones complaining about the names, Mailman, Policeman, or Fireman, if that is the case then we can not use the term Woman or Women because there is the name MAN or MEN in it, so I say get over yourselves and get on with your lives and stop trying to change things that have been for Centuries, the same thing goes for every thing else, leave alone what is and has been for years, stop trying to change it because YOU don’t like it.

If You Don’t Like It, LEAVE, and don’t let the door hit you on your ass when you leave to find a better world, like they say the grass IS NOT always greener on the other side, if it was, YOU would not be here today trying to stay in this Country.

But Greed in this country is getting worse, lets look at nascar and  how greed has taken over that, it has put the spectator at risk, you might not think so, but look at most accidents that happen are cased by blocking, I under stand that you are not allowed to block in open wheel racing, why not nascar, then we might get down to some good racing, and even at the finish, but when blocking or pushing another into the wall, that is not racing, that is down right greed.

Take tha two that happened that went up in to the stands, both were the because of trying to block, not to put down any women in racing, but car races are no longer a weekend sport, it has become a cut throat greed for money not a good old boys sport that it use to be, it has become a win, or you lose your ride or your sponsor, but you have some good drivers out there and some of them are women who have proven that they can drive as good as the men

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