With HIGH TAXES and NO JOBS, Why are There Homeless People?

Comment By Bob L.

Here is a good example of what Government and Businesses are doing in this Country, they all sit on their backsides and say why are there home less around our Cities, just because they have a steady job or good retirement, not all people are that lucky, well if they are that uniformed and Stupid, than they should not be in politics, it is these people who are putting people on the streets, most people don’t do it themselves, some do because they are lazy and don’t want to work and they want some one else to support them.

Lets start with the Government: Misuse of tax money, WHAT, yes they miss use money that the people intrust them with in taxes to take care of Cities, Counties, States, and we can not forget the Federal side, One, they are paying and feeding people to stay home and not work, Two, they let YUPPIES, Special Interest, Lobbyist, and Environmentalist run them and waste money on things they want, not what the money is support to be used for.

Businesses: they should be first but I will put them last, they are so greedy that they will do any thing to put more money on their wallet than keeping people working and having a good wage and health plan to live on, they seem to think that people not working will buy their products, it seems that the only ones that are buying are the people who these Government Agencies are paying to stay home.

Here is a good one to remember, NO MONEY, NO PLACE TO CALL HOME except the streets of some City around the world, so if you want to stop homelessness, create good jobs, NOT computer run jobs.

It is not just Puyallup it is all around the world, it is Governments and Businesses that are creating the problem.


Puyallup residents, city council seek solutions to homelessness problem

Published: 03/28/13

In recent months the homeless population has become noticeably more acute in Puyallup’s downtown, so much so that Puyallup city councilmembers have received an influx of emails attesting to the impacts.

On Tuesday, March 26, it all came to a head at a study session of the city council where dozens of people representing the homeless and those residents and business owners being impacted attended to testify on what they believe should be done.

“It’s an issue that we’re all very aware of,” said Puyallup Mayor Rick Hansen. “It’s about the health, safety and welfare of our citizens.”

Freezing Nights, the only overnight shelter program for homeless individuals in east Pierce County from Nov. 1 through March 31, was under heavy scrutiny by some Puyallup residents Tuesday night who blamed the program for excaberating the homeless problem in downtown Puyallup.

Brackman said she understands people’s discomfort with the homeless population affecting neighborhoods and businesses.

“I’ve been extremely aware of problems that people have had and their concerns are valid,” Brackman said. “The problem is, there is no alternative place for homeless people in Puyallup. So, there is a problem that Freezing Nights is getting the blame. We have become this scape goat. And those who attend or associate with Freezing Nights get demonized.”

Brackman joined the voices of many at the Tuesday night meeting that called for city council to act on assembling a task force to look at the problems associated with homelessness in Puyallup and to identify solutions that would work for everyone.

Puyallup City Council unanimously agreed that forming a task force should be the next step in attacking this problem head on. Councilmember John Hopkins praised the good that Freezing Nights does for the homeless.

“The program is so good, we’re a vicitim of our own success,” Hopkins said. “It’s a dreadful problem that is affecting everyone.”

Read a full report of this story in the April 3 print edition of the Herald.

Reporter Andrew Fickes can be reached at 253-552-7001 or by email at andrew.fickes@puyallupherald.com. Follow him on Twitter, @herald_andrew.

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