Transit Systems, Self Supporting or Close Them

Comment By Bob L.

It is about time that these transit systems start being more depending on rider ship and not the taxpayer, these systems keep getting bigger and Bigger and then expect the taxpayer not the riders to pay for their operation.

If you have not noticed we the taxpayer is now paying for King County Metro Transit, Pierce Transit, and Sound Transit, then you have Everett, and Thurston Counties, so when are they going to start being self-supporting just like the Washington State, and Pierce County parks, and we can not for get Alcohol.
It is time to stop throwing money into a losing programs, if they can not make it on their own then shut them down, if they can not support at least 90% of their operations, but it seem that they are depending on the taxpayer to fund them, and the riders to pay their outrageous wages. Cut all Wages and even at the Top, then maybe, but untill they start cutting waste, no more taxpayer money or tax increases, if a person had an education they would know that if it can not support it’s self you close it, and these transit systems depend on the taxpayer to support their habits and life styles.
Here is an Example:

Tacoma News Tribune
Fired former worker sues Pierce Transit

A man hired at an annual salary of more than $100,000 by Pierce Transit in 2012 now is suing the agency, claiming it improperly fired him after learning of his criminal record.


King County Metro estimates 17 percent of bus service could be cut

Monday, April 1, 2013


Officials with King County Metro Transit will discuss Monday morning the potential service cuts and what riders could face if Metro cannot obtain a stable revenue source.

King County Metro Transit is facing a $75 million annual budget gap starting in 2014, and there are a couple reasons for it.

First, $32 million in mitigation funding from the state is running out.

The funds were for all the extra route changes and problems associated with the Alaskan Way tunnel construction, but the money is going to be gone before the tunnel is finished.

Another problem is the extra $20 car tab fee for transit, which was only a two-year stopgap measure and expires in 2014.

Metro is asking legislators in Olympia and King County Council for help coming up with a long-term funding solution.

Seventeen percent of bus service will face cuts and revisions if they cannot obtain a stable source.

At 10 a.m. Monday, Metro officials will meet to discuss funding solutions and which routes could be cut back or cut out completely.

Metro operates 217 routes and is the ninth largest transit system in the country. Ithas a fleet of 1,400 buses that carried 115 million passengers in 2012, which was Metro’s second highest in ridership.

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