Sheep Being led To The Slaughter

Comment By Bob L.

I can now under stand why this Country is going to pot, Education is running at a failing Grade of F, and falling farther behind the rest of the world.

The problem with this Country today is that most Americans are followers and can not do any thing with out some one telling them what to do, a good example is this Administration, it is leading this Country to the slaughter of the U.S. Constitution and it’s Freedom, and the people as usual are Following them.

Look Around, you have a Government that is now thinking about making Marijuana legal so they can make more money for them selves, and not caring about the health and safety of this Country.

These followers just got through getting passed a SMOKING BAN in two States, and now you have Democrats who want to throw it all away, and now they are wanting to pass laws that will go back to smoking and disregarding the health of others.

This Country does very little to discourage Drunk Driving, look around, how many times have you seen the Courts keep turning them louse to eventually end up killing some one, and now they want some one drinking and driving, they want to put Drugs behind the wheel.

How about this, If a truck driver uses a mouth wash after brushing his teeth can be fined if stopped the first half hour, will get charged a DUI, but the breathalyzer only shows a .o3, but if you are driving a car you can drive up to .o7 and get away with it, a mouth wash is not noticeable after about one Hour.

People Don’t care about the Health effects of smoking MARIJUANA or being around it, but they do have a problem being around Cigarette smoke, here again being led like sheep my a minority group.



Dangers of Marijuana:Ingredients

Marijuana is a toxic plant that is unsafe for human use. It is the most commonly used illicit drug in the United States. Marijuana can be smoked, brewed, or mixed into baked goods. It is a mild hallucinogen that can cause serious health effects.

When marijuana is smoked, it is smoked unfiltered and therefore the smoke is consumed almost entirely. Smoking marijuana can cause different diseases such as laryngitis and bronchitis. There are also many side effects from using marijuana. If you are intoxicated, marijuana can impair your driving performance, communication, memory, and it can interfere with your decision-making abilities. There are 50-70% more cancer causing chemicals in marijuana than in cigarettes. The risk of heart attack becomes 4 times more likely with marijuana. Some feelings that you may get from smoking it are tiredness, depression, paranoia, anxiety, or you can become severely disoriented.

Many people, especially teens, think that smoking marijuana makes them feel relaxed when in fact, it tricks the brain into feeling relaxed when it actually speeds up your heart rate. Many people dislike marijuana because of the weight gain caused by the “munchies” that come as a result of smoking it. Smoking marijuana merely postpones coping with problems. And since it is stored in your body, the effects can persist for several days or even weeks. And no matter what you have heard, there is no current accepted medical use for marijuana in the U.S.

The most active chemical in marijuana is THC. And marijuana can sometimes be “laced” with other chemical substances that can increase its harm.


Info Facts: Marijuana

Research Report Series: Marijuana Abuse

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