Transit Monopoly’s

Comment By Bob L.

Pierce transit has done what all transit Companies have done, they have gotten to big for their britches, they spend more money than they have coming in, wages from the top to the bottom just like all public servants are breaking America.

As long as Pierce Transit has been in service you think they would know how many people ride the bus every day, look at the size of buses they run, forty-foot and that only has four people on them, you would think that they would run a smaller and cheaper bus on non peak hours.

Starting their own Transit System they will eventually have the same problem as Pierce Transit, the Cities won’t have any control over the operation, for one people at the top will want a BIG PAY PACKAGE, then you will have the UNION DICTATE on how it will be run and how much will be paid, not saying all Unions are bad, but Unions today are now a business in their own, and they only care about them selves.

If they work with-in their income they will survive but if they get greedy as other Transit Systems, they will crash with the support of the people. Sure people want service and will complain when service is not there, but if run right it will survive.


Unhappy cities consider severing ties with Pierce Transit

Posted on May 3, 2013

With long waits and low reliability, some cities may go a different route and break away from Pierce Transit if service isn’t improved.

Out of a total of 37 routes operated by Pierce Transit, seven service the eastern part of the county.

Fife, Milton, Edgewood and Puyallup are all considering breaking away from the agency and becoming a new one called “East Pierce Transit.”

Fife City Councilman Glenn Hull, who is also on the Pierce Transit Board of Commissioners, is spearheading the idea, which would function on private public partnerships.

“There could be a separation in the future if our needs aren’t being met,” said Hull.

According to Hull, the issue is crucial in eastern parts of the south sound.

“We do a lot of waiting and transferring,” said Nicole Carner, a bus rider.

“It’s a hassle because of the infrequency between stops, said another bus rider, Aubrey Perry.

Late start times and distance between bus stops are common complaints.

“Depending on where your house is, it’s a quarter mile to a mile and a half to the nearest bus stop. These are difficult decision to have because people’s lives depend on this,” said Hull.

Nearly 70 percent of Pierce Transit’s revenue comes from sales tax. If Fife separates from it, officials say losing the money generated by the city’s many car dealerships would be devastating.

“It would hurt the entire system,” said Marilyn Strickland, Tacoma Mayor and Pierce Transit Board Chair.

Strickland is committed to working out a compromise to keep the cities with the agency.

“We’re really trying to think of the agency differently, but also be aware of the fact that we have limited resources,” said Strickland.

Nearly $136 million has been cut this year. An additional $6.6 million will be cut May 13th.  With the last two ballot measures voted down, money is tight.

“Improving the system is a great idea, but breaking off, I don’t think that would work,” said Carner.

The Pierce Transit Board will present ways to improve east side service in June.

If the cities still want to sever ties, they’ll do a 18 month outreach study to see if people will support a new system.

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