Non Government Workers GO TO H—

Comment By bob L.

Now why would any one need a “market-driven rate adjustments” for their wages, would that just happen to be because they are the ones who are causing the market to go out of control by all these outrageous Pay and Health packages along with Cost of living, and then the cost increases of their services to the public.

It would sure be nice if all American Workers (people who work and work to a full retirement) could get this when ever they wanted, but it seems that the people who work for the Government  and people who won’t or don’t work get all these fancy perks.

It is just like the teachers, Public servants say they need books and study aids for teaching, or say it is for maintenance, and Bang and with a BIG bang, they go on strike for more benefits and pay, in the mean time what they were asking for went for what they were striking for, not for what it was intended for.

And just think, the City says they don’t have the money to pay for the safety of the people, like road work, Police, and Fire, so how can they come up with this amount of money, that’s right, higher taxes, and more people moving to the streets as their homes, but they won’t admit that there are  more homeless people looking for a place to call home besides the street or a car.



Tacoma council to vote on $7.2 million in pay hikes 9 hrs ago

More than 400 nonunion city workers – mostly Tacoma Public Utilities employees – are set to receive what officials are calling “market-driven rate adjustments” and other pay increases totaling $7.2 million

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