Are You The Problem??, Or The Solution To Fix The Problems??

Comment By Bob L.

Over the Years I have seen how people and things have changed, and you know what, people have gotten very Lazy and Greedy, they have changed the laws to protect Criminals and their rights, they have put legal American Citizens in harms way of criminals to kill, injury, and scam (no enforcement), and what has happen from this, if YOU can not see it by now, THAN YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

I am turning Seventy and have seen what has happened with the mentality of the youth of today, they have gotten Lazy and Greedy, they want money and not work for it, they want every thing and they want it now, they are always in a hurry to get no where, they don’t have time to sit down and look at what they are doing, or for their kids in the future (but always talk about it but do nothing), and what the outcome is going to be, because they can not wait.

 Look at what has happen here recently, they want a health care that they don’t even know what is in it, or what it is going to cost, now or in the future, just because it has been painted as a pretty picture, they think is good, but this is one of the problems, they don’t listen, they let some one else do their thinking for them, because they are in to big of a hurry, they could care less on what could happen.

Back in the early sixties and before people knew their neighbors, some got together and had group picnics, we would all go to a Federal, State, or City park, or we would just get together and have a big breakfast party on Saturdays if the weather was bad, what do you see to-day, GREED, and Laziness, and not wanting to get together unless there was a profit made from it.

Years back and when this country got started, people worked together, sure they made mistakes, but who doesn’t, but look at what happen when they made those mistakes, today we are paying the price, by laws that were passed to protect the greedy by allowing Slavery, Prostitution, and Drugs (which they now want to pass so they can profit on), and what has happen, we are now paying the price for it, because they did not think about what will happen in the future.

Look back at Prohibition over Alcohol, they were enforcing that law, then stopped because of the rich and a profit (better known as I will scratch your back if you scratch mine) and now they are going to do the same thing with Marijuana, and what other Drugs for their profit, (maybe drug wars here for control of it) but not for the safety of the American people.

Alcohol has Killed Thousands of people and kids today and over the years and what have they done about it, now you have to worry about more drugs and gang violence on the streets, and people behind the wheel on drugs, and now the Government Agencies are wanting to profit from it, and how many more people are going to be killed by it in drug wars (and it will happen), here again no one is looking in to the future at the possible out come from their actions.

People today had better sit down and start taking care of this Country, or there will be nothing left to take care of but bending over to kiss some Dictators ASS to stay alive.

This is not what our Ancestors fought for, just to see Lazy Greedy YUPPIES destroy what they worked for to leave for their children in the future, but today College Education is bringing down this Country, it has done nothing but produce a Lazy Greedy society, people back then had more education then they do today, they knew how to use their brains, and they did not sit on them.

Take a look at this article, House votes to repeal Obamacare — for 37th time, we would not be doing this again if people would have taken the time to read and under stand it before they let it get passed, but NO they believed that the Democrats are for the American people, they are not, NO Politician is for the people, they are in it for their own pocket-book today, and the Rich, NOT YOURS.

Where I live, we are working to get packages to our Troops who have been there for a while, but the funny thing that we have run in to, is that even the Military is not interested in helping without making some thing out of it, we have been working on this for over a month, and every one we talk to never get back to us, is this what our dignitaries in this Country think of our troops, and is this why they get spit on when they come back home. I HOPE NOT, these guys leave their families to protect you freedom, and this is what you show them and how you treat them.

These people are not Military scum as the way you think of them, they are Americans, they are your Neighbors, they are not the Enemy they are Protectors who have Volunteered to protect your Freedoms that you enjoy, would you have these freedoms if they waited until the war came over here, look at what we have now, a Government that thinks that it can not happen over here, YOU BETTER THINK AND LOOK  AGAIN at what has just happened on 911, Boston, and the ones that they have stopped.

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