What Brains And What Education Do They Have

Comment By Bob L.

They are going to do what I thought they would do, waste money and hurt the area again down the road, and at a higher cost in the future to do what should be done NOW not later, but I guess SEATTLE is more Important than SAFETY and the ECONOMY, I hope I am Wrong, but this State and others seem to waste money on things that are not good for Safety, only on thing that they want, not whether it is safe or not, just as long as it looks good.

This State has had many years to complete a Mass Transit System, but they thought Rails to Trails were more Important, so they tore up tracks that they could have used to provide a Transit system or trolleys on short runs.

Why don’t they use the tracks running out Portland Ave for an Electric Trolley system to Frederickson  out to Spanaway the tracks are there and run all the way to Yelm and Beyond

They could have run an Electric Trolley system from Orting to Tacoma through Puyallup to pick up the Commuter train in Puyallup, that could be run back and forth all day, and in evenings as long as it was needed.

There was no reason that they could not have both side by side, I have seen land out there that are overgrown that could be used for park and ride, or they could work something out with the land owners and help them to use as a park and ride facilities.

But the problem is that Seattle get most of the money at the drop of the hat, and every thing else in the State is put on hold, plus the Transit system today is out of control, they have no concept of how to ration the money they get, they think that it is like YUPPIES, they think that it grows on trees and will never run out. Well it is Running Out.


Temporary Skagit River bridge may be open in weeks

By KING 5 News NWCN.com
Posted on May 26, 2013 at 11:39 AM


Plans are underway to construct a temporary bridge across the Skagit River.   “If things go well it could be up and running by mid-June,” said Inslee.
The temporary four-lane bridge will carry I-5 traffic over the Skagit River at a reduced speed and capacity. The bridge will consist of two, 24-foot wide structures to replace the collapsed section of the bridge. The structures will be pre-built and trucked to the site.

A new bridge will be constructed adjacent to the temporary bridge, with a goal of finishing the permanent fix by fall.    The federal government is expected to cover 90 percent of the cost of the temporary bridge and the replacement.
On Saturday, barges arrived at the river with equipment ready to remove the mangled steel, pavement and cars in the water.

Bridge has history

The National Transportation Safety Board said Sunday that the I-5 Skagit River bridge has a history of overweight hits. The last documented hit from an oversize vehicle on the bridge occurred on Oct. 22, 2012 on the first portal frame on the northbound lane.
NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman said at a Sunday press conference that there is visible damage on frames along the bridge and there is also evidence of damage to spans from years past.

Hersman said an accident reconstruction team has completed 3D laster scanning of hte remaining bridge structure.

“Tire marks are skip skids, which indicate that following initial impact with bridge, the trailer may have been rocking or bouncing,” she said.

Hersman said investigators are working to conduct interviews with the pilot car driver and with the people who were in the vehicles on the collapsed bridge.

“We are also looking to conduct interviews with other witnesses who were on the roadway at the time of the collapse,” she said.

The NTSB will spend a week to 10 days in the area looking at the bridge, talking to the truck driver whose vehicle hit it, and examining maintenance documents and previous accident reports.

Hersman does not expect the investigation to delay removal of debris from the river or work on a temporary solution to replace or repair the I-5 span.

The Washington Transportation Department says there are now two recommended options northbound and two options southbound around the collapsed Skagit River bridge in Mount Vernon.

Transportation officials say drivers can expect delays in both directions. About 71,000 vehicles use that stretch of highway every day. The bridge is about 60 miles north of Seattle and 40 miles south of the Canada border.

Officials are urging drivers to avoid the area if possible. But if you must go, check the Department of Transportation website for up-to-date information.

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