What Government Greed Has Cost The Country

Comment By Bob L.        Washington State Resident for 70 Years
June 1 2013

I was born and raised in the Tacoma area and have seen a lot of Companies that had a lot more Employees here then there is to-day, take Tacoma Tide Flats, you have lost jobs at Kaiser Aluminum, what was that, a Thousand or more being replaced by fewer people.

Tacoma Smelter, I would say that was about Nine hundred to a Thousand or more, being replaced by YUPPY Condos, Cheney Stud, maybe Three Hundred, Saint Paul Lumber, that would probably close to Two Thousand,  those are just a few Big Companies.

Now if you look at Smaller Companies that had Fifty to Six Hundred, there you could add Small lumber Companies in there, this is not counting other Companies out side of Tacoma that depended on these Companies to stay in business, so you could probably say that would be probably be around Ten Thousand people who lost their Jobs.

In all lost, I would say the total would probable be in the range of  One to two Hundred Thousand or more to what job that were replaced.

Now you add other Cities with the same problem, and now you have a State that is spending more money then it has coming in, but they keep sending Companies Over Sea’s, and the problem is that they don’t care, they think that by importing produces more jobs.

How about the Local farms that they have put under to build Warehouses, by doing this they have put them out of business and that mean that we have to import more of our food at a higher price.

Look around, what do you see, I see about One Thousand people left to pay Taxes, because Warehouses that might have Five to Ten people working in them, being that Warehouses today are Computerized, so they don’t need as many people to work in them.

Take a look at the Post Office, over the years they have down sized by putting in Automation to sort the mail, plus you don’t see the mailman walking the route anymore, most of them drive a vehicle to deliver the mail.

So now that you get to what is happening Public Servants are getting pay raises and better benefits that the average worker is losing, but yet they have to still pay these Public Servants their wages, this is where Government comes in to being Greedy.

And now we get to where we are losing most of these job, One Big One is the Port of Tacoma, they can in no way replace all the Employment and Man Power that they have taken away, if you look at it, it probably Comes to One Hundred people unemployed to every One Long Shore position Employed.

And now to add insult to injury, the state has put the people with less money to survive by making every one pay for some thing that we the Taxpayer pay for them to take care of, the Parks that they are collecting taxes for, and now they Expect us to accept More Gas Tax, because they don’t know how to save money and they think that it grows on Trees.

They think that they can raise Taxes and no one will get hurt by it, but this is where they are wrong, by putting a price to visit a State Park that has stopped Seniors and people on low wages or not working from going to them, now if they go ahead with this Gas Tax, they will stop more people from driving, and where will that go, less money coming in, just like every time they raise taxes.

Just watch what will happen if they do, you will see Pay Raises for all Public Servants, and more money spent on things we don’t need.




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