Transit systems Need More Money To Operate

Comment By Bob L.

Transit Systems say they need more money to operate, but yet they are giving away free rides, so WHY, do they Deserve more money to operate if they can afford to give away free rides.

Every wheel that turns cost taxpayers money, these other wheels turning are the brains of Politicians who are always trying to find ways to spend money that is not theirs.

The problem is that they are just another Government Agency who waste money while saying they need money to operate, there is not one Government Agency that knows what money is, to them it is nothing more than a place to buy what THEY want, not to spend for what is needed.

Even if the M’s pay for it, it still comes out of the Taxpayers pocket.





Fans can ride Sounder to Sunday’s M’s game

Published: 06/05/13

Baseball fans can take the Sounder train to the Seattle Mariners’ game on Sunday, when the Mariners play the New York Yankees at Safeco Field in Seattle.

The Sounder will leave the Sound Transit station in Sumner at 11:16 a.m.

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