America’s Education Crisis, How About a D- Or F?

Comment By Bob L.
June 10th 2013

I would like to know where all these schools are getting all this money to donate this much when they say they need it for Education, and why are they not putting this money into the schools, this also goes for the Teachers Union.

Why are they not putting the money they put in to Campaign Contributions in to the schools instead of lining some Politicians pocket, that money could be better spent on schools, they say they need the money for a better education, just look how much money the teachers Union spends every year on other things then on schools and supply’s.

As you can see Unions also waste money that they get from the people, this could be better used than fancy buildings and wages for them selves. With this money wasted it shows that they don’t really care about education like they say, it is just a scam that the Government and the Teachers Union uses to get more money.

If these Unions, took that money they spend on Them Selves, Politicians, Charitable Organizations, and strikes, these schools would not need to be asking for money for better Education and supply’s, along with Maintenance.

As you will see in these articles.

Top Schools for Federal R&D Grants Are Big Spenders on Lobbying, and Campaign Contributions

By Monica Vendituoli on June 5, 2013

Unions  Political Power  Read all the organizations that they put money in, and then you wonder why our Schools are failing our Children.

In almost every state,  teachers are automatically signed up to have their dues money diverted to their  unions’ political funds, not for their Retirement, or medical that is paid by the States, Cities, and Counties, and your tax money.

America’s Education Crisis

America’s  education system is in crisis. Test scores show us that students across America  are performing at levels far below their peers overseas. In addition to test  scores that aren’t up to par, graduation rates are shamefully low. There is no  doubt that America’s students deserve better.

You can go on and on and you will have dedicated Teachers who can do their job and loves it, and deserve the pay for what they do, but then you have poor teachers who are bring down the good ones, with protection of a Union that does not care about our kids, if they did, they would not be spending all this money to bring down our School System, and the Education of our Children.

You can read articles about these unions and see that they don’t care, I don’t think they even care about the teachers, they only see Dollar signs not Education, and a way to get people back to work.

I think that it is time that our Government make these Nonprofit Organizations open their books if they receive money from the Government in any way, as far as we know they could be Plotting or sending money to Terrorist Groups out to destroy this Country.

A lot of nonprofit Organizations don’t pay Taxes that should be paid, like owning Businesses, Rental Properties, stocks, bonds, and other type property’s that are taxable that every one else has to pay.

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