Sequester, Nothing But A Government Scam on the American People

Comment By Bob L.
June 10 2013

Sequester hits cancer patients, this is just Obamacare before 2014, you might just as well get ready for it, because this is what you will be getting when 2014 and beyond gets here, Oh that won’t happen, sorry it has already started.

This is what they call getting you ready for Obamacare, and a bigger Government with more Control over the People.

They say that it is because of the sequester, THINK AGAIN, if you remember back when they cut money from Medicare, and Medicaid to pay for Obamacare, drugs were included in those cuts, and if they had to cut all this, then why are they hiring 20 Thousand and MORE for Government JOBS if they don’t have the money.

This Sequester is nothing more than getting back at the American people for not supporting him and his Czars in taking over this Country .

If you read between the lines you will see that the White House is Starving you at the front door, and hire more people at the back door, if I remember right, I think they said TWENTY Thousand or more to be hired at the rate of $160,000.00 THOUSAND a year, so I see it as a Government OUT OF CONTROL, continually hiding and covering up the truth from the people,.

Lets see, say Twenty Thousand times at $160,000,00 comes somewhere around Thirty Two Million Dollars ($32,000,000,00) a year plus their Automatic Pay Raises every year plus Cost of Living, what about if there is more than that, WOW, and the American people are going to PAY for a blotted Government, the people did not hire, Government Bureaucrats did, because they are lazy.

This nothing more than a Government acting like HITLER, and wanting to eliminate the people’s Voice along with the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Seattle Washington: City considers tax levy to fund Seattle council campaigns (Originally published June 9, 2013 in the Seattle Times) in other words you don’t have a choice on who you support, it takes away your rights, is this going to be the next thing in Olympia to raise more money in taxes to waste.

Olympia Washington: leaders, some want to raise taxes while some want to cut taxes by eliminating taxes like Alcoholic beverages, but raise Taxes on Bottled Water, Gas and Tobacco, in the mean while, Tobacco does not cost jobs in the long run, but a Tax on Bottled Water and Gas Tax increase does, it can cause job loss and higher prices on commodities, and it could also mean that it would stop Tourists from coming to this state and buying gas to help pay for this tax to use the roads they travel on , all they would have to do is buy it in Idaho, or Oregon, and then on to Canada.

In the mean time people living Close to the borders of Idaho and Oregon will go buy gas in those States, it is not like the Trucking Companies who travel from state to state where they have to pay mileage for each states highways they travel, whether they buy fuel or not, in other words Double Taxes, and double the prices on commodities brought in.

Put the Blame where it comes from,  Obamacare

Sequester hits cancer patients — doctors, lawmakers seek fix

By Rachel Rose Hartman, Yahoo! News | The Ticket


I would like to know where all these schools are getting all this money to donate this much when they say they need it for Education, and why are they not putting this money into the schools, this also goes for the Teachers Union.

Why are they not putting the money they put in to Campaign Contributions in to the schools instead of lining some Politicians pocket, that money could be better spent on schools, they say they need the money for a better education, just look how much money the teachers Union spends every year on other things then on schools and supply’s.

As you can see Unions also waste money that they get from the people, this could be better used than fancy buildings and wages for them selves. With this money wasted it shows that they don’t really care about education like they say, it is just a scam that the Government and the Teachers Union uses to get more money.

As you will see in article.

Top Schools for Federal R&D Grants Are Big Spenders on Lobbying, and Campaign Contributions

By Monica Vendituoli on June 5, 2013

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