Education for Dummies Produces Yuppy $$$ Run Country

Comment By Bob L.
June 15th 2013

I can not see how a person can stand up in front of people and say that they are for a better Government, and then bend over backwards to give every thing to people who are destroying this State, and this Country, and even our Education.

Politicians today as I can see , they have the worst education then any one in the eighth grade, did they ever go to school or do they just say they went to a school of education, from what I can see is that they don’t care what happens, just as long as they get WHAT THEY WANT, not what is good for the State or the Country.

It looks like we don’t have a Government of the people but a Government of the Union, and Special Interest, and this shows it in things that are not being done for Safety and Education, Highways are over built, Abandoned railroads for yuppies and Environmentalist, and all this money could have been put in to Electric Transit where those rails could have been used for these smaller towns instead of building bigger and more expensive highways.

All these people say they went to College and are smart and know how to spend money and run our Government, well if they did than, why are they building bigger and wider Highways, and oh, these are some of the things that are some of the cause of Global Warming.

What does it take to produce heat, a place that except and holds that heat for a long period of time, where as vegetation which also takes in Gases and puts out Oxygen which we need to survive in this world, but Government and Special Interest want bigger and bigger Highways, not a better Self supporting Transit System.

Now lets get to Education, our Government and the people have turned their backs to do what the union tells them to do, who runs our Governments, the people or the Unions, today it the Union who are telling our schools and Government what they are going to teach in our schools, and you can see how that is working, it is not, it is just putting us behind every other Country.

So in all in all, if we keep letting the Unions, Special Interest, Environmental Terrorists along with Other Countries tell us and our Government what we are going to do, then we might just as well crawl in a corner and let them continue destroying this Country, Oh, the American people have already become cowards and are hiding and letting it all happen. When I say coward, I mean just that, most of the American people today refuse to Fight for this Country and keep a home of the free, and with a Constitution and Bill of Rights to protect our Freedom.

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