America: Whiners, Cry Babies, and Cowards

Comments By Bob L.
June 16th 2013

America today can not think for them selves, they believe these people who are out to make a profit for them selves, the hell with any one else.

Today Sixty Percent (60%) of Americans could care less about what happens to this Country, and Thirty Percent (30%) of Americans care, they join the Military, they stand up against what is going on in this Country, even though they get spit on called a trader for doing for what they think is right to protect our freedom.

The Sixty Percent are the problem in this Country, or they are the followers of these radical groups, like Church Groups that want to ban Freedom and expression of Religion, Environmentalist who want to profit off the backs of the poor, Unions today wanting more control over you and the Government, this sounds like the return of the Mafia or Hitler.

You can also Put the Government in that group of Sixty Percent (60%), whether it is your local Government or State, they all want to make these groups happy instead of doing the right thing, by making sure Safety and Education are taken care of with out these Groups telling them how to do their job that they were Elected to do.

Look at what the Teachers Union has done to the Education today from the past, now the Teachers are spending more time Picketing or planning to go on strike, they don’t care about these kids getting an education, they are more interested in getting as many dollars as they can, this also goes for the Unions, the more teachers they get the more money they get from them.

Lets talk about the Thirty Percent (30%), they defend our Constitution to keep us free, but yet they get spit on when they come home, they are told to get lost because they are no longer an American Citizen for what they did, they join these groups to take back our Country, and by doing so they are called traders, trouble makers, and the ones who need help, they are told tell some one who cares.

This problem has been going on in the last Forty Years (40), the Sixty Percent are Cowards, they are the complainers of their right being taken away, they run and hide when they are needed to protect our Country from Terrorist and Government Corruption.

And I stand behind what I can see in this Country today, Sixty Percent of Americans are Whiner, Cry Babies, and Cowards, they can’t do any thing unless some one tell them what to do, this is what you call Poor Education from our Schools, since 1967 to the present, and this Administration is running with the Sixty Percent that is tearing down this Country and it’s Freedoms.

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