Is This Proper for Any Organization to Say: WHO let nasty f–s get hands on this poor child? Cowards think So

Comment By Bob L.
June 17th 2013

As I posted on America, whiners, Cry Babies, and Cowards, that goes with this article, 5-year-old girl, this shows what I brought up, there are all these so-called Groups that say they are for change, but the change they want is for them selves and no one else.

a lot of these groups are Church Organizations, Environmentalist, Special Interest, which there  are so of many and to many to list, and a lot of them are Tax exempt Organizations, some of todays Unions, they all say they are for the good of the people, if this was true then why are there so many people out of work and not being able to find a good job to take care of their families.

Ask your self, How Much Money do these Organizations get from the Government to keep you, the American worker from getting a job.

These groups hide behind the law, they are cowards by covering up their faces, they go out and terrorize people into following them in their destruction of businesses, and then say they are for change, but only for them, they don’t care about this Country, they only care about what they can do for them selves and to change the people’s thinking in to their way. 

One of the groups that reported this story is another Environmental group that believes in some one who is telling people that the Oceans are going to rise Ten to Twenty Feet, but then they go out and buys a summer home on the beach in Californian, these are the people I am talking about, who whine and cry about some one taking away their rights, then go out and terrorize people, to get them to follow them, in their change.

There are laws about Hate and hate crimes, but when it comes to enforcing them, the Courts don’t do any thing about it, let it go on, like the church that spits in the face of our service Personal who helps them keep that right to have and keep the freedom of religion. How loud do you think they would scream if they lost that right.

These Organizations do not have the right to keep any one from having these freedoms of Life, Liberties, and the Pursuit of Happiness, but our Government has other ideas on that when they Back these people.

You can turn on the news or read the paper, and you will see story after story of the destruction they do against this Country, and not for the good of the people or the Country.


5-year-old girl takes on Westboro with lemonade stand

A 5-year-old girl who set up a lemonade stand across the street from the Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kan., on Friday raised more than $10,000 in the name of peace.

Jayden Sink, with more than a little help from her father, Jon, sold “Pink Lemonade for Peace” from her stand outside the Equality House, a rainbow-painted building across the street from the controversial church’s headquarters on Friday. According to Jon, his daughter got more than $170 in cash and more than $10,000 in online donations through Crowdrise. The money went to Planting Peace, a nonprofit that owns the Equality House.

Supporters of the Westboro Baptist Church—which has become infamous for its homophobic protests at soldiers’ funerals—reportedly hurled insults at the pair and their customers, including more than a dozen active soldiers from the nearby Fort Riley military base who arrived at the lemonade stand on motorcycles.

“They hung out for quite a while and definitely showed their support,” Jon Sink wrote in a blog post.

According to Aaron Jackson, co-founder of Planting Peace and owner of the Equality House, Westboro members “were standing in the front yard … and were visibly aggravated.”

On Sunday, Westboro Baptist Church tweeted: “*WHO* let nasty f–s get hands on this poor child? #danger.”

On Monday, they mocked Sink in another tweet.

The Sinks were undeterred.

“Jayden is promoting LOVE and PEACE,” the Equality House tweeted on Sunday. “A little lemonade goes a long way. The world could use a little more sweetness.”

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