Is This A Waste of Highway and Road Funds

Comment By Bob L.
July 1st 2013

We don’t need more taxes, we need to get rid of Politicians and make them accountable for irresponsible waste of Taxpayers money.

Now they put in No left Turn lanes  from intersection to intersection to get to a business, but they make you go to the intersection and make a U Turn and go back to the Business that you wanted to go to, but in the mean time you are putting stress on tires and suspension, let alone your pocket-book on repairs, and when it comes to maintaining this waste, they close down a lane and impede the flow of traffic and disregarding safety of the people and workers.


These Government Agencies are always saying they don’t have the money to maintain all these Roads and Bridges, well if they would spend money on the right programs and not just to bring tourist in to sell them a product made in a Foreign Country, than maybe they would have the money, but no they put up attractions that takes the money to keep Taxes High.

Dangerous Intersections
like this one in a City that is supposed to be
saving money, not waste it.


Washington State says that they need to raise the Gas Tax to 10.5 % to make it $.50 Cents a gallon, now the brains of ignorance could get money by making every County pay E check, if they were really so worried about Global Warming and Pollution, then they would Make all Residents pay, as it is, only 5 Counties are stuck with supporting pollution while Counties that don’t, they put a lot of miles in thoughts counties every day to go to work.

Here is Why there is so much work that has
been let go, money that was spent on all these
around the State, could have been used on all
these Bridges that have been let go.
ScreenHunter_3As you drive around the state, you will see where these funds have been misused, go to Seattle and look at all the road work to get people to come and watch them build more things like Two Stadiums and a third in the process for a basketball team, and an up to date to an old Basketball Arena which is in the process of trying to get a Hockey team because it is not good enough for a new Basketball Team.

Now where is all this money coming from, other then the Highway and General funds of the State and the Federal Government.

At the rate this State is raising Taxes and wages for Public Employees, we will soon be looking for businesses to stay here and provide jobs, if they don’t people will be leaving to find work, but in the other hand, they are putting more and more people on the street to find a place to live, and then they will not admit that there are Homeless people living in their cars, or under Bridges.

They are now making sure people who can less afford to pay to go have a picnic in Parks that they have been paying for all these years, now they want to raise the tax so the Poor and Seniors  won’t be able to go to, I would call it discrimination against the less fortunate.

Government today only cares for them selves, they are no better than the CEO’s, they keep giving them selves more money and better benefits, while the Private Sector is losing jobs, Health Insurance and Pay. 

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