College Education Shows what it is All About, Is Coming to Your Town


Comment By Bob L.
July 24th 2013

You might think that I am down on Education and Yuppies, you are right, but when you see people this Stupid and crying for more, what else can you think, I think a person with an Eight Grade Education knows more than a College Educated person, look how many Millionaire there are who never made it past the Eight Grade, now you tell me who is smarter.

 Lets Tax City run Utility Companies, How about it people, lets start Sending Cities and States a Bill for your service’s that WE do for them, isn’t that fair.

This is just another way for them to cover their asses before the people find out that they blow the money on other thing not related City or Safety of the people.

Another thing I would like to know is, if they were educated to do their job that they were hired to do, then why are the taxpayers having to pay for Consulting firm to do their jobs.

You have people out there telling you to go to College to get a good education, but when they are this stupid wanting to pass a law that makes a Public Utility pay a tax on its self, makes me wonder if all these Educators are Teaching a Degree in DUMB to Graduate.

You have a city trying to act like Seattle and wants every thing, they don’t care if it makes companies move out of the City, or just move out of the State, yes we have some Idiots in Olympia doing the same thing, wanting to put another TEN and a HALF Cent tax on a Gallon of gas and think that Businesses will stay here, and they keep giving them selves more Wages, better Retirements, and Medical, if they keep it up they will be where Detroit and California are now.

Take Tacoma, they say they don’t have the money to repair their streets, but yet they can put in Speed Bumps, traffic or death Circles or what you want to call them, Eliminate Left Turn Lanes to put in trees down the middle of these streets making you go to the end of the block to make a U-turn and come back, plus the cost of having to hire some one to maintain these money wasters, you can go on and on and you can see how much money is wasted every year by these Government Agencies.

Now they want to charge them selves a tax to use these roads, that is what they are planning to do, and it is with your money, no madder how you cut it, because when it says Tacoma Public Utilities, that is YOU, so in the long run you are taxing your self, not the Utilities.

And if you have not noticed Government Agencies do not do with the money like they say, if they did they would not be in the position they are today, but they would rather waste it, they are just like a Cigarette Smoker, or an addicted drug user, they don’t want to quite, they are addicted to spending some one else’s money.

I don’t know how to really say it, but this shows just how much Stupid is coming out of a College Education today, then to top it off some one has the ignorance to say I will vote for it, just another College Educated YUPPY, or is an educated dunderhead wearing a Dunce Cap through life to prove just how Stupid they are.


Plan to tax utility companies headed to Tacoma ballots

By KOMO Staff
Published: July 23, 2013

TACOMA, Wash. — The Tacoma City Council unanimously voted Tuesday night to approve a controversial resolution that would give voters the ability to tax local utility companies to fund new road improvements.

Tuesday’s decision puts the resolution on the November ballot, where Tacoma residents will have the final say.

Even before the council voted, the plan sparked controversy because representatives from the utility companies have already said they will pass on any additional taxes to the customers.

“We would have to pass it on,” said Chris Gleason with Tacoma Power. “It’s really a tax that’s imposed on us, which we just pass on to our customers.”

Puget Sound Energy officials said the same thing, but many residents, such as Chrysanthe Barnes, said last week that they still plan on voting for the tax increase.

“Isn’t there a saying that we always pay for everything? But that would be a great idea,” Barnes said.

The Tacoma Public Works department estimates the tax hike would net the city $10 – 11 million every year, which would be earmarked for road and sidewalk improvements, as well as crosswalk safety projects.

Tacoma Public Works estimates that if the utilities pass the tax onto consumers, it could add about $5 a month to each customer’s bill.






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