Buyer Beware Of Obamacare Insurance Advertizing

Comment By Bob L.  Look for this sign when buyingtrue sign and watch them profit, while you suffer.
Aug.2 2013

Now that Obamacare is getting in to full swing, ads are getting to look more like a scam coming down the road, and some are looking to good to be true, well like they say BUYER BE WARE.

Some one said in a news article that Obamacare was going to be set up on the honor system, boy just what we need, a scam in the making, and just think Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and Obama are in on it and the ones who set this all up along with AARP and the national insurance association, and a few not mentioned.

And look what happen to Obama call centers, they were to be full-time, but when they got hired, they found out they were part-time positions, just another lie to the people from this Administration, this shows that they are not for the people to get good full-time jobs, only if you are brought on work visas you will get these jobs.

I don’t know about you, but, this looks like a money scam so they can profit off the working people, maybe that is why the people are stuck January One and not the businesses, this way Obama can get the IRS to start collecting money right a way to start making a profit so they can give them selves a Pay Raise and Bonuses for doing a good job.

So as they say beware of liars and cheaters bearing gifts to make you life better.

If you have not noticed, they have been misleading the people from day one, You Have To Pass It If You Want To Know What Is In it, THAT, is a line of a scammer, that should have been a red flag if you were paying attention, but Americans don’t care about this country any more, to let this happen, and they even spit on our Military Personal and Veterans, it is not just the people it is even our own Government that has turned their backs to them.

Just look, we have a Presidential Administration that is defunding our own Military and Veterans, and giving it to Foreign Governments. This Country has no right to help install a new Government in a Foreign Country, protect maybe, that is the CHOOSE of THEIR PEOPLE, NOT AMERICANS.

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