Tighter Laws for Bicycle Rides Needed

Comment By Bob L.
Aug. 5th 2013

It seem that Bicycle Riders are exempt from Traffic Laws, every where some place in this Country, Some one is killed or seriously injured while riding a bicycle on our roadways.

Why is this happening, well These Bicycle Riders don’t have to take a riding course  or written test like a person riding a motor cycle has to do before the can get an endorsement on his Drivers license to ride on any public Street, now that he has that endorsement, he now has to pay to keep that endorsement, he has to renew it every time he renews his Drivers License.

Now that he has that endorsement he has to pay for a yearly license to ride it on a Public Street, now if the states were to enforce that on all vehicles that use these roads, this also goes for Bicycles, that mean that they are also paying for the use of these roads to ride on and not have a free ride on every one else, this would also mean that when they jump out in front of a car to pass another bicycle rider like they do, that would mean that they are also responsible for an accident, when they jump out in front of a car or truck, or ride through red lights without stopping, the price should be the same as if the were driving a motor vehicle.

While you are driving around watch these riders and see how they ride, some ride 2 and 3 wide on the side of the road, some ride on the white line, and some weave back and forth so you never know what they are going to do.

Look at Seattle, they want to make special lane with dividers for Bicycles, and they want to close down these streets and put mini parks to replace parking spots, now are they going to make these businesses pay for the loss of revenue from their meters, so now you have to share these roads with Bicycles and mini Parks, why don’t they just say no and ban, Cars, Trucks, busses or taxis allowed down town, and say BICYCLES ONLY with in City Limits year round.

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