Global Warming, Insurance Fruad True or Faults

Comment By Bob L.
Aug. 13th 2013

Every thing is affordable when thought out thru TIME, but not when you try to cut corners and run off half cocked, and thinking it is the best way to solve any problem so you can get more sleep and less work, todays Government.

Global Warming

 Dixy Lee Ray, a supporter of the Environment, when Governor, she said to curb Global
was to stop destroying the Vegetation that is needed for purifying the air, and Providing oxygen that people need to survive, and this vegetation takes in Carbon Dioxide to survive, that is to provide oxygen for the earth to survive and purify the air.

Her solution was to replace the Vegetation that was being removed by over development of the land, and in Cities where possible, plant greenery on top of buildings, and Cities have noticed there was a temperatures drop.

But today they think that to stop Global Warming is by FINING Companies and calling it a Carbon Tax, basically it is another way to make a profit off Carbon Futures.

It is basically a Tax against the people so the rich can get richer, and the Government can
have more control over the people.

The thing about Global Warming is that it’s cause is from lack of greenery, and to much Asphalt, Concrete, and Striped Lands to hold water that now runs right off and into the rivers and not back into the aquifer where it is needed, vegetation takes in the water to grow to keep it from running off and into the rivers, and puts it back in to the ground. I guess people today were not taught in School or College about Natures Cycle of recovery and life to survive, because that was not in the book, you cannot learn every thing out of a book, books are a suggestion, you need more hands on learning so there is less mistakes and more  safe progress.


You can Blame Government regulations for this, States, Counties, Cities, and Federal Government.

Now lets talk about Insurance, why is it so unaffordable, well look at what is being skimmed
off at the top in wages before it ever gets to the public, DO you have access to all insurance in this country or is it regulated that some insurance is only available in some states and not others, Government says who can operate in their state, and if people had more to pick from prices would be affordable, unless they were regulated to what they could charge, then you would price fixing, other wise people would have a choice on the lower price to pay. to get Health Insurance.

Regulation to any Company should be for shady practices and operating procedures, check out Different insurance companies, and you will see that states won’t open up for all insurance companies that are in other states that would be cheaper for you, and this is just what Obamacare is one insurance for all, and you will end up having no choice and will pay the price that is there.

Do you ever here Insurance Employees say they could not afford it, all I here is the public and Business complaining about the cost, I can’t even remember hearing health providers complain of not being unable to afford Health Insurance.

The only ones complaining are the American worker who are having to pay for their insurance.

But how about the owners of these companies, they are saying that they are having a hard time supplying insurance for their employees, not them selves, is that because they are taking in that much money and don’t want to give up their life style to take care of their employees.

To break it down, Insurance could be affordable if Doctors, Government, and Insurance Companies were not jacking up prices to lining their own pockets before it gets to the public so they can get affordable insurance, and you know that the Government could do some thing about it if they wanted to, but they would rather control the American worker, not the Lobbyist who gives them favors.

Now if Doctors, Lawyers, Corporate, and Government Wages were regulated like the American worker, cost of every thing would not be where they are today, it was not until the late Sixties that the pay between employer and employee started to separate to the point that they are today, but now GREED is the norm, and who can get the most before some one else gets it.

Well I got news for you, the people who make these companies, will always get what is left over after Corporate and Government get theirs FIRST.

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