Get us out of Transportation Gridlock

Comment By Bob L.
Aug. 14th 2013


There are plenty of under used Rails that could be used by Sound Transit, and there are RAILS that were removed that could have been used for Transit, but were removed, this shows that they don’t want Mass Transit, even though they say they do, they would rather have them to Rails to trails.

Famous last words of YUPPIES, more Highways and less Pollution, well if you look around you, look at states that have expanded their Roadways to Mega Roadways for more Traffic and not Transit,  (Why Not put that Expansion Money in to Transit not Traffic), look at States that have the highest rate of pollution in the Country they all have Expanded their roadways, is that what you want here in Washington State, I guess the people who don’t have to pay the state E Check to get their tabs for their vehicles, they could care less about Pollution and the ones who are being punished for other who are causing the increase of pollution from other Counties that don’t have to get E Check.

This is TIME to force people to take mass transit, or make the ones who go to the same place every day over TWENTY MILES or Thirty, pay a mileage tax of TWENTY CENTS A MILE, unless they are paying for E Check this would get the state the money they need to pay for the Highways and Bridges that need to be kept up to Safe Levels, but not expand to more roads, unless it is for Mass Transit, NOT CAR USE.

I am not talking about people who have to travel with their work, this covers Construction Workers, Salesmen, Oops, I for got, Sales Persons, and Trucking Companies, this is some thing they can not get away from, and we do not need the prices of Commodities they hall to go up any more by putting this burden on them, they are already paying their fare share of road use Taxes.

The State thinks they can get these funds by raising the  price on vehicle Licensing, raising Gas Taxes, all they are going to do is go right back to where they were when the people passed a law to lower the rate on licensing of a Car, Truck, and Vans, if the State knew how to handle the money they get, this State and other would not be where they are today, IN THE RED, how do you get in the red, One: by letting Public Unions RUN this State, and Two: by knowing where the money should be spent, and not throwing it into thing that have nothing to do with Public Safety, and it is time that the Public workers Union be held to pay for their Health and Retirement not the state taxpayer, the Union gets enough in Union Dues to pay for it, instead of using it to force the State and the Taxpayer to pay it.

There tracks that go though McCord to Roy, why can’t they tie into the tracks that come out of Tacoma and go out to Frederickson and branch off there to Graham, Kapowsin and on to Eatonville or at the Branch to Loveland ( just down Mt. Hwy from Pierce Transit Park and Rid Lot), Roy, tie into the tracks there and on to McKenna, Yelm, Rainier, and if they had not made the tracks from Yelm to Centralia and made them rails to trails, they would have made a good mass Transit line, all they had to do is tie it into that line, just like the line coming out of Lakewood through McCord to Roy, has any one used their College Educated BRAIN to that aspect, they can even go from Lakewood to Dupont, or Dupont, Lakewood on to Tacoma and beyond.

There were a lot of ways to get Mass Transit up and running years back before traffic got this bad, but no they waited until now that it is needed and more expensive to do, there were more tracks that were available, but no, Yuppies wanted those for their own private use, so they had them removed at the cost it could have been upgraded to make them usable for transit, so now they are complaining about the Traffic problems and want Bigger Highways, and more pollution. 

Put that Expansion money into Mass Transit.

If you think that it is worth putting it in the News Papers, by all means, you have my Permission.


Message to gridlocked politicians: Get us out of transportation gridlock

Washington is growing.  Its transportation system is not keeping up.  A  gridlock problem is stressing our economy and trying our patience.  Alas, political gridlock grips the Washington Legislature.  There’s hint of a way out.  It’ll require leadership from a guy with lungs, and a guy with legs.


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