It Is A Sad Day in America


Comment By Bob L.
Aug. 16th 2013

Let’s start out with the American Flag, Do you know what the colors represent on the American? There are different meanings, but they all represent the same thing (I will put one of the meaning in later).

It is a sad thing that Martin Luther King Died for nothing, he gave his life to Bring All People together, while in the mean time his backers were plotting against him, the reason I say that is if they were really for what he was doing, then why are they today constantly fighting to change what Mr. King stood for and was trying to do.

These people know who they are, you can mention all the names you want, but these people know who they are, and I do not understand why people would let others destroy there lives by saying it is for the good, THE GOOD OF WHAT, the same thing that is going on in other Countries, fighting among themselves to say they are the people in charge and you will now follow our rules, as you can see, it is not happening, and never will as long as you have Hate Groups keeping the Country Divided.

You have hate group like the KKK, the Aryan Nations, the Westboro Baptist Church, Black Panthers, which of these are not classified as a hate group according to the White House.

Why is the Black Community not standing up to stop racism, here is a good example for why the Black community should and fight for their rights, George Zimmerman, shoots a colored kid (Kill all whites) and they go on a rampage and destroy Businesses, even or their own, a Black Kid shoots a white 2-year-old in the face with a 22 cal. pistol, (nothing said) 3 Blacks beat up a white kid, (nothing said), even the news media does nothing unless it is the other way around, and yet the colored community stands by and lets others give them a bad name that makes all blacks look bad and Businesses don’t want to take a chance to hire them, basically for this reason and know that they can get sued, NOW would you hire some one if you could get sued because they could not do the job they were hired do or caused trouble.

What is the black community doing about the violence in their own community by their own people, they talk about it, but what are they doing to stop it and get to where people won’t be afraid when they are around, I do believe that every one has rights, but no one should have special right for them selves, why do you think the World is why is.

I could say that the race problem has gotten bad in the last six years, but I can’t, it has always been there but slowly improving, but every time our smart over educated pass a new law, it does not help, it only goes against what Martin Luther King was trying to do, stop this Racial Divide, it is not going to happen until all Americans stand up to protect people NOT Color.

If there is ever going to be PEACE in the World, every one is going to have to accept each others rights, if not, then you will never see PEACE in the world. 

In the last five years it has been nothing but race baiting where every time some one says any thing, or you don’t agree with them, look how fast the race card comes flying out, it is now to the point of banning word that are spoken every day, not the book its self, but the words from books, that are now being classified as offensive.

Here lately the same thing is happening to our Flag, it Offensive to others, if you don’t like our Flag, our Country, then  please leave it if it is so Offensive, no one said you had to come here, yes some were brought her against their will, but after they had their freedom, no one said they had to stay.

So I don’t think that any one has the Right to come to my Country, My Door and tell me I have to go by your Rules or Religion, this is a free Country, that is why there is a Constitution in this Country, it was set up so that ALL Americans could be free from Dictators, unjust taxes, a right to a religion that I want to be in, not what you think I should be, we can go on and on about the Constitution and why it was drawn up, but if you don’t like it or my Flag leave.

Why are people wanting to come to this Country? They all say for what our FLAG stands for, the Freedom that they did not have in their Country 


The color red in the American SEAL and transferred to the American flag stands for valor and hardiness.


The color white in the American SEAL and transferred to the American flag stands for purity


The color blue in the American SEAL and transferred to the American flag is the color of the Chief and stands for perseverance, justice and vigilance.

Gold Fringe

The gold fringe on the American flag is used only on indoor flags and is neither approved nor disapproved by any act of Congress or executive order. It is generally used on military and ceremonial flags. It has no specific meaning and is just to dress up the flag.

American Service Flag

The American service flag is a special banner hung by military service members’ families when our country is in war or there is hostile conflict. It’s a white flag with a red border which frames a single blue star. The star represents the service man or woman. When a gold star is placed over the blue star it means that the service person has died. The blue star on this flag represents pride and home while the gold star represents sacrifice for freedom and liberty.

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