United States Constitution and the People

Comment By Bob L.
Aug. 18th 2013

I am going to do some thing different and see if you can answer what is wrong today.

How about the First Amendment, the most miss used part of the Constitution when they want to break the law. Now we are in the process of banning all Books, or the words in them, that are said every day and to specify what you are talking about, good example, REDS kin, used to describe a Potato, now this is getting carried just to far when you can not say Citizen, Brown Bag, N==g, but they throw it around like water, but you better not because it is banned, you can not say the word GOD, you can burn the American Flag and not be disloyal to your Country, you can wear it on your ASS, so when are the American People going to stop admiring them selves in the mirror, and look at what is on the other side and see what is happening in this Country, and stop wanting what is not needed.

It is to the point that the laws of this Country are being broken every day by Government and our Court System.  Supreme Court Justices Who Want to Be Supremacists

Why won’t the American stand up for their rights to be heard?

Is that because Americans have gotten so Greedy that they won’t protect the Country and the rights to be Free from tyranny and unjust laws, or the protection from the people who swear to protect that Freedom, even give their life for it, SO all Americans Citizens can be FREE.

  • Why is it that when some one does some thing against a colored person, some Riot, burn Businesses, destroy Property of people, even their own, take out physical abuse to others, BUT, you can not blame it all on the colored, because there other groups who take advantage of it and join them,  and who get the blame, they all have found a way to get away with violence, some get caught, but most don’t?
  • Why is it the other way around, when a colored person hurts or kills a person or child, the Americans just sit back and do nothing for the problem in this Country, or is it that they are to busy being greedy to let any one else have the freedom that they have, but will they defend this Country when called upon, NO, they come up with an excuse or run from this Country, but they sure quote their right through the Constitution?
  • Who knows What’s in the Constitution today? I don’t believe that it is even taught in School any more.
  • What is taught in School today? I don’t thing that the teachers today are qualified to teach because of to many Government agencies and Unions not letting them teach for why they went to School to become, by telling them what they are going teach and when, and Teachers who want to teach can’t because their hands are tied, and some teachers today are more worried about how much they are getting paid and less teaching in school and sending to much home work home of what should have been taught in class for what they get paid for. If a Teacher can teach, class size should not matter, how about when there was one room schools and the teacher taught all grades.
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