Democrat, Republicans, Independent, Or Ignorant Follower


Comment By Bob L.
Aug. 19th 2013

Like I say I don’t do this to just say some thing like our Government to pull the wool over your eyes, I do it to open your eyes to see that no matter who they are they are only doing it so they can get free perks on you, they don’t care about you, they don’t care about this Country, if they did they would not be giving money to terrorist groups that Obama is funding, they only want money that you give them to tell you what to do.

I don’t always believe every thing that our Government has to say, but I do believe that the Republicans are right on this one, because I already can see that I am paying more out of my pocket than I did before for medical when I go see the Doctor, get an X-ray, even lab work.

To let you know, I am a Diabetic now living from month to month with a heart problem, this is how I no of this problem that these Republicans and some Democrats now see as a train wreck coming, and don’t forget, the unions now can now see it. 

Let’s stop blaming every thing on the Republicans and put the blame where I belongs, like they say it takes TWO to tango, so you can put the blame on them both, and if you are so wrapped up in putting the blame only on ONE side, then you are a very stupid air head and could care less on what happens to this Country. (Remember it takes both parties to do the job)

When some one comes to you and tells you that the Earth is flat than you can be classified as a flat head and can only see a flat surface and nothing that is ready to fall in your laps.

People don’t listen to both sides they only listen to only what they want to hear, and believe the Lies that are told, not the Truth, do you think that a politician is going to really tell you the truth when you keep putting them back into office when they don’t do their job you Elected them to do.

You better start listening before it is to late, because the ones that are telling you the truth you do not believe, it time to listen and stand up for this Country, and stop being a brainless air head, because if this Country falls you will have no one to blame but your selves, because you were soooo busy Admiring your self in the mirror to see what is happening on the other side.


Time for Fairness For All in the President’s Health Care Law

My Input from this article: If you close your eyes and ears and do not listen to what they are saying than you are not a believer of this Country and it’s FREEDOM that you now enjoy, your freedom can be taken away faster than you got it, you better remember that next time you look at your self in the mirror.

HERE Is A Big Question, Why do Foreigners Want to COME to This Country, they all say for FREEDOM that they don’t have in their Country.



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