Entitlements, Government and Education

Comment By Bob L.
Aug. 25 2013

Every one is made to believe that Entitlements are just Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, how about the entitlements that Government Employees get, automatic pay raises every year along with Cost of Living, I could be wrong but I do believe that it is (9 to 15%) Nine to Fifteen Percent, what is the average wage of Government workers now $100,000.00 a year, to maybe 3% cost of living for Social Security if they want to pay it, and out of that come rent increases medical insurance then you get what is left,  and then you have the working poor who is only entitled to Three Percent increase (if you get one) in all to spread out a year, and no cost of living in most cases.

Now, who gets the most entitlements, I would have to say Government Employees, and why should they get cost of living if they get good pay hikes and benefits, now how about Social Security, they think that people making slave wages can afford to put away for retirement and pay for Insurance for their families, if you can save for your retirement, how many would and how many could afford the taxes on it when they retire, and what happens IF, what happened on the housing crash and they lost just about all their retirement, and now with less work they are living on that, and now with jobs so scarce will any one have enough to retire when the time comes.

Now lets take Public Servants, what do they get, well lets see, as a private Employee, you can get fired for not doing your job, you can get sued, and some one else can come in and do your job, but now as a Public Employee, like some one said if your house caught Fire, who can you call if the firemen were on strike, a work slow down or just refused to go until they got a raise, you have no one to call to your Emergency.

Now when it comes to Education you have the same problem, there is no one to take over while they are on an Illegal strike, why because these are all a Monopoly under control of the Government, one way or another, but getting back to Illegal yes it is illegal for a Public Employee to strike, but when they do what happens, all the courts do is threaten them but never do any thing about it, how do they get away with it, THE Teachers  UNIONS, I say unions because look how many there are in this Country, who has these Government Agency’s running scared, and why would I say that, the courts are too.

Lets talk about the Teachers Union or is the Teachers Unions, I know of one for each county in the State, then the State, then you have the American Teachers Union, then the National Union, then you can not for get the interference of the Federal Government, back down to the States, these two dictate what they will teach, and how many test the students will take a year, but this does not count to where the student will find time to get an education and go on to College with out the education that they did not have time in school to do, except to do it at home with out help from the teacher who is being paid to teach in school.

So when it comes down to it, Government Employees have more Entitlements than the Average American, Social Security or not, and by the way now that more people are making less, now if you lose Social Security, what do you think you will live on when you can no longer work, The Government does not care about you they only worry about them selves, and whether they will get re-elected to live on you the taxpayer and their millions.

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