Your Rights

Comment By Bob L.
Aug. 26th 2013

How many people out there think that you should have the rights to make your own decision on whether you do Jury Duty or not, and not be forced to do it?

The reason I ask is that I got a summons for jury duty and I feel that it is taking away my right to make my own choose, when there are a lot of people who would love the chance because they have nothing else do but sit around feeling left out because of their age, why not let these people do the jury duty because they want to and it makes them feel that they are doing some thing positive in their later years than sitting and watching TV and feeling unwanted, they are just as capable as any one else, and it gives them some thing to do.

You might want to say that I don’t care about this country, but if you read what I post you can see that I don’t like what this Country has become, and how much Corruption there is in this Country today from what was years back, and how much Government has turned on the American Citizens to get what they want, not you.

Look how much of your Tax Dollars are miss spent recklessly like beautifying the Roadways and less on maintaining them for safety, do you have a say in voting, if you say yes then you better look back at all the things that were put up for a vote and the majority was told to stick it in your ear, because that is not what they wanted, so they turned to the Corrupt court system to tell you that it was Unconstitutional, so where did your vote count.

What I can see coming is that this Country is Slowly coming under control of a Dictator Government, and the people are too blind to see it, and to busy believing the lies and the news media and think that all is well, I am sorry to say but I stand by what I have said in the past, the American people are to busy looking at them selves in the mirror to see what is coming, If you don’t believe me, go to Facebook, Tweeter, and any one of those web pages and you will see these people standing in front of the mirror taking pictures of them selves, and you will see what I am talking about.

They say you have a voice in making decisions when you vote, ObamaCare-Americanswell look back, in the 1950’s people voted down Daylight savings Time, wrong Government wanted it, next came Gambling, people said yes, Government said NO, then they put in their own, Tacoma Dome, City wanted to put in a light show, people said no, they did it any way, California Prop. Eight, people said no, court said YES, now you can go on and on and you will see the same thing over and over, and you will see the same thing, Government Does what it wants.

How about Obamacare, did you have a voice on it, NO, people who did not know what was in it voted on it and passed it, and told you, that you had to pass it to see what was in it, did you get that vote?

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