Public Welfare

Comment By Bob L.
Aug. 27th 2013

Public welfare is what I mean, just that, instead of corporate welfare it is Public, not Private, there is a differences, private is the people who work a forty hour week, or refuses to work, Public is the people who work part-time and get a full-time pay check whether they work or strike.

Why are the courts not enforcing the law on striking teachers and letting them tie up traffic and causing a distraction, when they are out picketing, every time that I was on strike, the courts would  fine us for having to many on the picket line at one time, what happen to that law, or is it that teacher who are supposed to teach right and wrong are exempt from all laws.

Now that this time a year is now here the teachers are going to tell you that they are doing it for the kids, that is a laugh, it is never about the kids it is about their greed and see how much they can get without having to work for it, you know it would be nice to be able to go to work and some one else do your job while you sit and call grading papers work, while kids are sent home with a lot of work that should have been done in school when the teacher was there to answer any question that the student had.

Eventually their greed is going to catch up to them, when they find out there is no more money to be had, for the main reason is, that taxes will be so high that no one will have a home or a job because TAXES, they will have broken the back of our ECONOMY, stop it now or Pay the Grim Reaper, it is your choose.

Now the private person does not have the ability to get a pay check when on strike, they are out that money, but not the public, they get any money that they lose when they go back to work, but the last laugh is going to be on them when the money runs out, WHAT, yes the money will not always be there, for the main reason is the they pay taxes that is all true, but Perpetual Motion eventually runs down, and if the private sector is not working where is that money going to come from when they want another pay raise, OH, that’s right raise their taxes to pay for that raise, now that is Perpetual Motion, them paying for their own, now isn’t that a hoot, just giving them selves their own screwing.

Any time a public servant get a raise, that comes from taxes, and what do taxes pay for, the same reason that there is Corporate welfare, so they can make more money.

The thing about public workers, if they go on strike, who do you turn to when you have a problem, there is no one to teach, enforce the laws, and no one to fight the fires, you are at their mercy and if you want that service, you have to pony up the cash to pay them whether you think that they deserve it or not, so welcome to the force of the mighty all greedy. 

I think it is time that the Public Servants get what the Private Sector gets, pay cuts, pay for their own medical, and their own retirements, they expect the Private Sector to, while they drain the state and the Country dry and make it a THIRD World Country and depend on the world to support them.

I think it is time to Kick out the Unions, and the Government, and put it in the hands of the American people, and put the teacher on the same program as the Private sector, you teach and show that you can teach and put the American school back on the map then you deserve a pay equal to every one else, you don’t you get fired just like every one else, then we will see if you are really interested in teaching and not just the pay.

I look at it this way if GOD can not be in the schools for some, then the UNIONS, or the GOVERNMENT should not beAmerican-flag-waving-animated allowed in the Schools, no one says that GOD is for all but each person worships their own GOD in school their own way, I was never forced to praise GOD and I was never told that I had to say the Pledge of Allegiance, that was some thing we did for the Country we love, and have a flag that we honor for being our own nation and not some other nation, this is our FLAG, no one else’s.

The United States of America is my country, and I am proud to be an American citizen.  I stand with America.  I pray for my country, that God will continue to show His kindness to us all.  We are not a godly people.  We are not a people of faith.  But many Americans, young and old, do take their stand with the Lord Jesus Christ.  Many do trust in the Lord and look to Him for leadership and help.  As Israel always had a faithful remnant, so also there is a solid inner core of men, women and young people in this country who bow the knee to Jesus Christ, and who pray to God for wisdom, help and leadership.

I wish I could say that all of our leaders were righteous men and women.  We seem to always be finding out, however, that the people we look to for representation and honorable leadership are not as sincere and trustworthy as we had hoped.  Even so, God is able to use anyone, and he is able to work His will in and through any kind of instrument, as both the Bible and more recent history demonstrate.  It’s my prayer, then, that the Lord will guide our land safely through the treacherous waters we are in right now.

The Bible shows us that God judges nations.  He is both wise and caring in all His ways, and even in judgment the Lord shows mercy, love and a will to save.  He will always set things right in time or in eternity.  As a citizen of the United States, I am concerned about our future as a people.  I trust God to help us.  But the Lord concerns Himself with more than our physical well-being.  He will do what is truly best for each human soul, even if that means the loss of all earthly things.  It is better, after all, to lose all we think we own in order to gain what only God can give.

Jesus Christ died on the cross many centuries ago to save sinners.  He took away the sin of the world.  The Bible says that God so loves the world that He gave His only Son.  That means that God so loves America (and every other nation of people) that He has already gone to extraordinary lengths to rescue us all from the foolishness of our ways.  It also means that we must respond in faith to the light of the good news of Jesus Christ.  We cannot, as individuals or as a nation, continue to reject God’s kindness and hope to receive good things.

I thank God for America and all that it has meant to millions of people all over the world.  Our stand for liberty and justice, while not always perfect and not always understood by others, is a beacon of light and hope to the whole world.  I pray that we will remain free and independent.  I also pray that every land will have the opportunity to enjoy freedom from oppression and hatred and war.  May God bless America, and may the Lord bring peace, liberty and justice to all people in our lifetimes.  In Jesus’ name, amen and amen.  (




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