Is It Your Rights, Or Theirs

Comment By Bob L.
Sept. 2 2013

I made a comment on about about your rights, and a comment that was made, is some what true, but a person should have a right when it comes to Jury Duty, they say that they have a way to tell who will be a good Juror, but that is not always true today, I can go in and say any thing they want and put on a good show, but when it comes to a verdict I can change and go by what I thought to begin with.

Now if a person is set against Alcohol, Illegal Drugs whether a law was passed or not, they are still Illegal, and Discrimination, I don’t care, I am against them and any one who does or uses this, knows exactly what they are doing when they do it, and I don’t believe a person is Insane when they violated the law, they knew exactly what they were doing, and I stand behind what I believe, that is my Right, and no one has the right to say I do not have that right, this is suppose to be a FREE COUNTRY, and if you have not noticed the Courts and the Government have turned the laws in to a joke by side stepping them for their own advantages, and to prosecute who they want, just like they do in other countries with out dew process of your rights.

This is the Comment made to my post: [Yes we voted for Obamacare by voting for change and voting for President Obama. We should not have a  right to turn down jury duty otherwise we could end up with only people on the jury who view and see things one way. Our government is made up of everyday people we just need to get big money out of politics. (Oil, Wall St., Gas and ETC.) One voice one vote…If you don’t like someone or something voting is the answer. I don’t like the fact that Republicans keep trying to take voters rights away one state at a time and I will keep fighting to protect our rights to vote!]

 Here shows exactly just what they were saying, a person can only see one side and vote that way, and if you read what they have said, you can see that they have only one side, and they do not vote with and open mind, they voted with out seeing both sides and seeing the truth, and they think that the Democrats are the true leaders and every one else is wrong and lying, when it came to Obamacare, the American People DID NOT get to vote on it, remember you could not see what was in it until THEY passed it, the DEMOCRATS, just because we voted Obama in to office, that does not mean that we wanted Ocamacare, that was just another railroading of this Administration.

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