Feds’ Stance On Pot, Wrong Message For A Drug Free Country

Comment By Bob L.
Sept. 5th 2013

thHere is a good example of a law that should have never been passed, now there is a law on the books that non smoking hypocrites passed because of second-hand smoke, and then passed a law that lets them be a two-time hypocrite, you can not smoke a Cigarette in public and not let kids start smoking, but it is alright to smoke a marijuana Cigarette in front of your kids and tell them that it is alright because the new law says it is alright to do so, now it is, here kid have a puff, but don’t let any one know I let you do it because it is illegal.

Now that they have passed this law, they are now spiking your food with marijuana, and thCAR6PX04what is the Government doing about it, NOTHING, even though the law says smoke, but it does not say for human consumption and put in your food, and if you want to take over a Country without firing a shot, just lace their food with a drug and see how fast drugs will be banned, but I don’t think so in this Country, it has become brain-dead, and they do not know the difference from legal or Illegal, they only care about them selves, some one could come in and take over this country and they would not know it, Oh, that’s right, the Government already has control of our lives, and the people are to busy looking in the MIRROR at them selves see it.

And from what I understood that this law was for medical marijuana, not for the general public, so if you are allowed to smoke marijuana, then the smoking ban should be removed from the law and a hazard to any ones health, if that was the case then why do they need all these different strains of this weed.

These laws today show that what is good for one is not good for another, and these same laws goes for Discrimination, One can Discriminate and another can not, it depends on who you are and who was given a free pass to do so, you know who these People and groups are, the ones who have had special laws set up for just them, so no one can stop them from doing what ever they want, in Violence, Physical Threats, and given special treatment from discrimination.


The Seattle Times

Feds’ stance on pot wrong, anti-drug groups tell Holder

By GENE JOHNSON The Associated Press

Drug-abuse-prevention groups asked the U.S. Justice Department on Wednesday how it will know whether its acceptance of recreational-marijuana laws in Washington and Colorado affects public health.

In a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, the groups said the Justice Department’s position is a mistake and they want to know how the department will measure the states’ success in meeting enforcement priorities required as part of the federal acceptance.

For example, they asked how many additional underage pot users and marijuana-related car crashes will be required before the department sues to block the laws.

“What measurements will the department use to assess the damage done in Colorado, Washington and other states that legalize marijuana?” said the letter from Project Safe Approaches to Marijuana, Drug Free America Foundation, National Association of Drug Court Professionals and other groups.

The Justice Department announced last week that it would not sue Washington or Colorado over plans to tax and regulate marijuana sales for adults as long as the states adhere to the federal priorities that include preventing drugged driving and keeping marijuana away from kids and off the black market.

The Justice Department noted in its memo that strong state regulatory systems could actually enhance federal law-enforcement goals by keeping marijuana profits from cartels.

Washington’s recreational-marijuana law devotes some of its tax revenue to teen prevention and to public-health education, and it includes restrictions on marijuana advertising.

Alison Holcomb, the author of Washington’s marijuana initiative and drug-policy director at the American Civil Liberties Union of Washington, encouraged the groups to review the evaluation requirements built into Initiative 502.

Washington’s law requires periodic evaluation of harm resulting from use as well as reviews of public-health, public-safety, economic and social-justice issues, she said.

“The truth is that without this evaluation and comparison, these groups have no way of knowing whether regulated legalization is a mistake,” Holcomb said.

“What they do know — or should know if they’re taking a fair look at the big picture — is that the status quo is doing far more harm than good.”

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