A Fair Cost For Use


Comment By Bob L.
Sept. 16th 2013

993340_555332447855578_497801600_nI think it is time that these people who are getting a free ride using State roadways without paying for them like every one else, they should have to pay the same taxes that every one who drives a car on these roadways, that means that any one who drives an Electric vehicle that does not get at least 24 MPG, should have to pay their share of these taxes if they want to use the roadways, this also goes for Bicycles.

I stand by what I say that bicycles should have to go through the same thing as any one else who uses these roads, they should have to take a written test and pass it, then go on a riding course and pass it just like they do on motor cycles or a car, after they pass it, then they must have that cost added to get an endorsement put on their driver’s license at a cost just like every one else who has to pay to have it, Buy a license and yearly tab, or they can not ride it on any road in the State or bike trails (rails to trails) with out it.

Another thing that they are doing is pulling a little trailer with their little kids in them with out a yearly plate on them, or adding a second seat on their bikes to carry a small child, I think both should be banned because it is putting a child in danger, and should be classified as Child Endangerment,

These vehicles that don’t pay for the gas tax should pay a monthly fee to support the roadways that they use, in other words they should be paying One Hundred Dollars ($100.00) a Month for the lost revenue to the State, Counties, and Cities, this should go for any one who does not live in a County that has E Check, they should be paying these counties Ten Dollars ($10.00) a month for the time they drive back and forth to their work that is in the counties who have E Check.  

I feel that a State that does not allocate money evenly is showing how corrupt a Government is, a good example is seeing the amount of money that ends up in Seattle and King County, for continually doing some kind of work there is a good example of that. Every time you turn on the news you here where Seattle is doing another road project, or a bike trail some where, a new Business District Development, a Ferris wheel, or how about an other Dome Stadium, where is all that money coming from, and why is there no money going to repair these bridges and roadways around the state that are in bad shape.

All you here is Give us more money give us money to wastes on other projects that have nothing to do with the infrastructure that they are always talking about that has to be done, WE DON’T NEED A GAS TAX THAT IS HIGHER THAN ANY ONE ELSE, we need a Government that knows how to spend but conserve money so when they need it they HAVE it, not ask for more taxes to give them selves and Public Servant Outrageous Pay Packages and Benefits.  

63905_10151605985898889_622737853_nAs it is the State has backed themselves into a corner that they can no longer pay the Services that the Taxpayers are already paying for, so they now want you to pay extra for those services, in other words they are double taxing you for the same thing, just like every thing else, in some cases you are paying triple Taxes, and this has GOT TO STOP.

If we keep up this wild Spending for these people who want every thing NOW and want it Fancy, they are Called YUPPIES, if these people don’t stop, you are not going to see many Companies not wanting to come to this State, and you will see more people Homeless or moving out like they did in Michigan, and then there goes your tax base, and then what have you proved, how to break a State and the people living there.



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