Terrorist Stopping Unemployed from Getting Jobs

Comment By Bob L.
Sept. 22nd 2013

Environmental Terrorist stopping Americans from getting a Job to feed them selves and their Families, when are they going to get it through their Yuppy Brains that this Country needs Jobs to get the Economy running again, and every time one of these groups protest, it keeps people from having a job, this Country gets farther behind in paying off its debt every month, I do believe that is what they want, is the U.S. to be taken over by another Country, BETTER WATCH WHAT YOU ASK FOR, you could get a Dictator that take away all the freedoms that you now have, even to Protest.

Obama and his Czars are doing a good job of it right now, and they are putting this Country farther in DEBT, but that is what they want, by using these Groups they are slowly converting this Country that way, and leading this Country in to full Government Control as days go by.

We don’t need Foreign Terrorist Groups to destroy this Country we have are own, they are called Environmentalist, Racist Promoters, Church Groups, Lobbyist and the Rich, they are the ones who are running the Government.

Now if this is what they want then lets give it to them:

     1. Shut down ALL Power Plants immediately:

  • this will stop all oil and Coal movement
  • Lets just say Trains can’t run today with out Electricity or Diesel
  • All Planes will be Grounded, now what do you think will Happen?

Obama Won’t be able to leave the White House to spread more lies.

    2. By Shutting down the Power Grid

  • Noooo Electricity means
  • No power for Gas for your Car, Electric Cars
  • Home heating, no propane or electricity to cooking, air conditioning, and lights to read by
  • TV, Computer, clocks to wake you up to go to work
  • Restaurants, and Bars to get drunk, because NO ONE will have a JOB to go to
  • Oooooh That’s Right, you will not have a job to go to any more, so keep protesting and you will get what you are asking for

If this Country keep kissing their ass, you might just as well turn this Country over to Obama and his Muslim Brother Hood, or China who controls most of our DEBT.


Environmental activists protest pipeline, coal trains

By Deborah Horne
Posted: Saturday, Sept. 21, 2013

SEATTLE — They called it the Draw the Line Day of Action to stop Canada’s proposed extension of its Keystone XL Pipeline down the middle of this country, which is an issue that brought Jane Levine to Seattle’s waterfront because the pipeline would cut through her native Nebraska.

“But it’s all part of the same big issue of over, over reliance on fossil fuels is dangerous, and shortsighted,” Levine said. “And it’s the same whether it’s the pipeline or the coal trains.”

“If you want your children to live in a healthy area,” said David Sovey, a member of the Lummi Tribe. “You’ll see to it that this blight is stopped now.”

Indeed the message of this day is that fossil fuels — whether exported through a pipeline or on a moving train — continue to threaten the environment. It is why scientist says he brought his children here.

“The kind of things that we’re hearing about now from Obama, Those kinds of things we should have heard about twenty years ago,” said Dr. Baba Kofi Weusijana. “Those were the low hanging fruit things. And now we need drastic things. And we’re not hearing that.”

For the woman who helped organize Seattle’s day of action, this is proof that many others share her sense of urgency.

“Climate change is here,” said Emily Johnston of 350Seattle. “It’s already happening and it will continue to happen. It will get much worse. But how much worse is still up to us.”

The people here tell me they plan to raise their voices in protest, wherever these topics come up. And they plan to do it as often as they can.

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