Federal Workers Laid Off, What A Shame

Comment By Bob L.
Oct.1st 2013

What is it Five, or Ten (5-10) million Private Sector Jobs over eight Hundred (800,000) thousand Federal Workers out of work. Is the Private Sector Suppose to feel sorry for them.

Thousands of Private Sector Workers laid off and no one cares or is trying to get them back to work, but now that the Federal workers are laid off that is a crime and is unheard of, and need to get their jobs back now with-out fail, now if they are more important than the Private Sector who has a product to sell, but does not have a job to produce that product, so why is One more Important then the Other, and who actually pays the taxes that gives Government Employees a pay check, and if it was not for the Private Sector they would not have the money to Send Around the World, it is the taxes from the private Sector that gives them that money, Government is nothing but a Perpetual Motion Machine: (motion of a hypothetical mechanism that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy. It is impossible in practice because of friction, the Federal Government) Proof: they are NOW running out of money to operate on, do to friction, and it is going to get worse.

582501_464073756973299_628450550_nNow what is wrong with delaying Obamacare for one year to make sure that it will work and is not just a TAX program on the working poor, what is so important in it that it can not be delayed, is it possible that it could be That tax that the Supreme court put in Obamacare, and if it is delayed they can not send the IRS out and start collecting FINES, Obama has already delayed some of his so-called law for one year, so why can’t they delay the whole thing for one year. First Answer: Start Collecting FINES for more money to SPEND, Second Answer: Profits for the Insurance Companies and Stock Holders (like the Democrats) who won’t back down, AARP who wants full control over the Senior Population on their Health Care.

I don’t know about you but there is more to this Obamacare, or this Unaffordable Health Care then the Democrats want you to know, and that is why they are pushing so hard that it will take years to get to where it is Affordable for all, but right now it will tax the poor into the poor house and have to live depending on the Government Dictators (Freedom Lost) 

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