Do They Want Cracker With That Wine?

Comment By Bob L.
Oct. 2nd 2013

When shit hits the fan, we need to hold these people responsible, News Media, FINE them for covering up this Scam, and recall every  Democrat and any Republican who backed Obamacare  and vote them out of office and not let them ever run for office.

Look at it this way, if the Republicans give Obama, Reid, and Pelosi what they want then we should demand that they cut their WAGES to Forty Thousand Dollars (40,000.00) a year, and pay for their own Medical, do you think they will do that, and then put the rest of their pay in to paying for Obamacare instead of taking it away from Medicaid and Medicare, they don’t need a pay scale that they are receiving, they get every thing from the Taxpayer basically free, so why do they need such a big Pay package when they are Millionaires, we have to live on what we make with no other help from another income like they do.

Look at all these CRY BABIES complaining that they lost their job, and what are they going to do, well did any one think about the people who lost their JOBS, Three, Four, Five or more Years ago, did any of them do any thing to help them find and get back to work, when these people who are out of work now are some of the people who Helped PUT these people out of work, so why should any one worry about them losing their Jobs, like they say what goes around comes around.

This is just like the Teachers who say they are there to teach kids but are more worried about getting a Pay Raise than teaching, they are just another Government Employee thinking about them selves and not who they are hurting by getting these outrageous Wages, because every time they get a pay package, medical, and retirement INCREASE , it hurts people who are losing their Jobs through Tax increases and tighter Regulations, PUT INTO EFFECT BY these Government CRYBABIES, I say cut unneeded people from Government and put that money back into the bank, Ooops, I forgot Obama will JUST GIVE IT to his Friends On the other side of the Ocean.

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