BUYER BEWARE, Look Out For What You Ask For!

Comment By Bob L.
Oct. 5th 2013

Every one thinks that they are going to get a cheep Medical Insurance through Obamacare, but what will it be after One Year, is it still going to be inexpensive, or is it going to be just like every thing else, a Three (3%) Percent increase every year like every thing else.

Look back a few years when they said you HAD to have Car Insurance, and every year it went up, why well they say it is because of people who get into Accidents because cost of repairs keep going up, they don’t make you show that you have Insurance, but they ask you, really smart, people lie.

Then they said you had to wear your Seat Belt, then you got a ticket if you got caught with out it, then it was every one had to wear it, just more to get out of you for breaking the law.

Then you had President Bush come up with his Part D Drug Insurance when you turned Sixty Five (65), now you don’t have to get it, but there is a catch to it, when you do finally get it, you will have to pay a penalty for not getting it when you should have, and this penalty goes back to age Sixty Five to when you finally get it, plus you have to pay for this insurance, and a you have to get a Medigap to the Twenty Percent that Medicare does not pay for, and this every year goes up about three percent every year,

Oh boy now we have Affordable Health Care (Obamacare) coming down the pike, and they say it will be affordable, I don’t believe one word they say, for one, they will say in one year, it will increase in price because of increases will be needed do to a raise in cost, and if you don’t get it you will not be forced to pay a penalty for not getting it for every year, you will be harassed by the IRS, and then if you don’t pay your fine, the IRS will go after you and your pay check  until till you pay your fine.

Why else do you think Obama does not want to delay the IRS from getting started, and why he does not want to work with the People, it means more money he will have.

Ok you are getting Obamacare like you wanted, but you did not use that brain that you want to school to learn the difference of is it good or is it a cover up, well you now have it and there is nothing you can do about it, unless you help and start it over and do it right and not let AARP, National Insurance Lobby, Special Interest, and every one of them are doing nothing but looking for a profit from it all.

Young people think that Seniors get free medical, that is far from the truth, I pay Twelve Hundred (1,200.00) Dollars a year, my wife when she turns Sixty Five, she will be paying, Fifteen Hundred and twenty (1,520.00) Dollars a year, now what do you think you will be paying a year with Obamacare, is any one thinking about that, or did the lies get to you that you will only pay Fifty (50) Dollars a month, or Six Hundred (600.00) a Year any way you cut it Obama and every one who has stock in it, is going to laugh all the way to the Bank in Profits from this Affordable Health Care.

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