Here Are People Who Believe Public Land IS Public Land Not Government

Comment By Bob L.
Oct. 9th 2013

Now if people start thinking about them selves and do what people are doing this Article, we could show Government that this is not their land, it is OUR Land, The land of the people, and who paid for this land, the American People.

I am not going to say much about this because the people who believe in the Peoples land say it all, and should have all Americans stand with them.

So let’s do what should be done, come ELECTION TIME through them all out on the street and get rid of the people who are bringing down this Country, and lets stop any new trash that they want to push down out throats.

The problem today is that the people have let the Government take control and not stood up the them, so what do you have now, a Government who has taken over your lives, just like Hitler, Castro, and any other Dictator Country, you now, no longer have a say in what happens, this also goes for all Fifty States, they have become Dictators and taken away your rights to a free Country set up by the Constitution, and where it is going to end up is, all U.S. Citizens are going to have non residents in this Country telling you what to do, if you have not noticed, this is already happening with Churches, Lobbyists, Special Interest Groups, Environmentalists, and they are not all Citizens of this Country who are telling you what you are going to do.

This time I am starting out with some Comments, and then the Article.


Defying government shutdown, national park visitors play ‘catch me if you can’

Christian Science Monitor
Patrik Jonsson

Trek1701    Ahahaha, the Park Wienies have to find us, i say while the trucks block the roads in Washington we flood the parks with people like we do for the bridge walk every year in Michigan and rush the gate.
If you think the stampede in the Lion King was impressive, imagine if we did that to all of them….ahahahaha.
The first place we should do is liberate those families trapped by the park service in their homes, second we free the businesses.
Lets Occupy the National Parks and free the people trapped that are hostage to Obama’s Shutdown.
Time to fight back.

The Lucky One     It is the actions of a few who control the lives of many. But how can you justify and who is above the law for denying the people something that is theirs and will always be. These politicians days are numbered and the damage they do may be undone. But only you have the power to change that and that is with your vote. Impose your own term limits on them and you’ll see how clearing career politicians from Dc is the right thing to do.
Scott S     I’d encourage MORE people to do this.  Then come 2014, take out the old, and bring in the new.
Loman      Ok then if they want to play they spite game,All Americans who are working or drawing unemployment raise your deductions to their highest legal limit,keep your money in your pockets not theirs.Also lets barricade or Pickett any and all Federal money intakes like instead fill your car up but what you only need to get to work.They want to hurt us cause they want to act like the spoiled blue blood #$%$ them lets hurt them back.
How could you be considered breaking the law by entering your own property? These parks belong to the people NOT the Federal Government, it was taxpayer monies which bought and paid for these parks and lands. How quickly the Federal Government has forgotten this.
These aren’t the only examples.  Remember all the federal websites that now go to a “shutdown notification” page?  The web server is still running, or else you wouldn’t be able to see that page.  In fact somebody had to put in extra work to go in an change the server files so that page would show up.  Once it’s been set up the web site doesn’t need constant staffing to function – it just needs electricity and an internet connection, which the servers clearly still have.  Just more political theater.Peter Bryant 
With everything being shut down and all these government employees being out of work how come we have all of these park rangers still on a non existant payroll to harass decent hard working American citizens?Dld 

 An early American said protests against government actions are an important part of liberty, and he further wrote that protests didn’t necessarily need to be within the law  because too often the laws are merely the  tyrant’s laws.


Armed rangers forced the closure of an inn on the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Would the rangers shoot the inn’s owner or guests for disobeying their orders?

anonymous me
I tried to walk my dog in a wildlife refuge with no personel. It is just a trail in the woods. The parking lot is roped off with a sign . It makes no sense. You don’t pay anyone to be there so what does this accomplish

Some Americans are challenging government shutdown national park closures by leaping over barricades or tossing cones aside in acts they call civil disobedience, but which some authorities call just breaking the law.

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